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  1. oh wow this is very very helpful! I've been trying to understand crypto for a while now and I want to invest there too. I also read articles and bligs to understand crypto more. however, I think what works best for me to understand crypto is to watch videos online.
  2. THIS IS AMAZING. wow, I love seeing posts like this on facebook and I find it really nice. Yes I agree we need to honor the veterans, they gave us so much, respect and salute to them. especially to their courageous efforts for us before.
  3. It is amazing! Nice Shot! Among the shots that really capture the beauty of the so-called 'food chain in the animal kingdom'. It is also good to know that this shot is done by an amateur wildlife photographer. This simply means that anyone can take good photos as long as we put our heart into it!
  4. Not really familiar with Ken Hesley. Will definitely look him up on my free time. Well, based on the video here at the thread... he has good music. Hope more links about him is included in this thread. Also can't believe that he is already 75 years old. Time really does fly so fast!
  5. Yikes. when did this happen? Cant remember hearing a news like this. I think it is a good move especially that we are in a crisis right now. I just hope that the other countries won't use this agreement to their advantage or slyly trick other countries to 'borrow money'
  6. Hope that they really took this seriously and not just a show to tell that they did something. Also interesting to see that almost the whole world is watching the poll and have an opinion about what's happening.
  7. Ackk the pandemic really did hit us bad. Even the biggest companies are affected. Hope they can still bounce back and return to normal operations. I think it is a waste if they'll totally close down. I just hope that everyone learned a lesson from this.
  8. Handle monetary policy in what way? I think it is not that clear... or I just did not understand it well. I think they should explain this further. Is there a link which I can read more about this? I just want to know what's their basis.
  9. Can you post the value for today? Also, can someone explain to me further how the rates become different everyday? I mean it still confuses me somehow. Thank you!
  10. First she's avoiding him now she wants a divorce now that he lost the election. Good thing the children already have a good future with Trump because she's definitely not helping.
  11. Why? I mean I get the point but doesn't this also imply that the foreign relations will be strengthened especially to immigrants because of Biden? Although, I am also a little scared of how he can work with China and how it can impact the world and not just Iraq.
  12. Wow! That would be amazing, can't imagine how we would look like with those regenerating eyes. Sad that it had stopped, but it would've been wonderful. I would have loved it for my poor sighted eyes, would definitely have helped save money from eyeglasses and contact lenses.
  13. Oh wow, this is interesting even though I am a bit unfamiliar with this. I'm late with this thread and with that, I was actually wondering if Iraq's currency has really been upgraded? If yes, what happened to the older ones? Have they stopped in circulation?
  14. Apparently, any research from legitimate doctors are being removed from multiple platforms. The only thing they have in common is how they are against WHO's "coronavirus warnings". An international doctor's association has declared the same results on October. They said the virus is just a seasonal flu that will disappear on April 2021. They have been branded "false" by numerous media. It can't be because they are Republicans because they are mix of Indians, Americans, and several European countries. These left propaganda is too harmful.
  15. There appeared to be more voters now that were absent last election. How on Earth did so many people come to the polls now when they were busy fearing the "virus"? Hmm... fishy.
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