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  1. I got it. Thanks Longtimelurker.
  2. I agree with you artitech. And just wonder if the cbi really really already printed a new lower denoms a long time ago, why wouldn't the cbi release those new lower denoms to the publics? What had been holding up to release that new lower denoms?
  3. Thanks for your clarification Longtimelurker.
  4. Did you mean that the dinar ( with 3 zeros ) will coexist together with a new lower denoms for a limited amount of time? What about the rate? Will the dinar ( with 3 zeros note ) have the same rate with a new lower denoms note once it will become internationally recognized currency one day?
  5. " we trade in the IQD, it will go to our reserves ", why would the US foreign reserves want to accept and keep the worthless currency ( with 3 zeros ) after we exchange dinar for dollars one day once it is internationally recognized currency? Unless the US foreign reserves want to exchange dinar ( with 3 zeros ) for a new lower denoms that has a value/ new rate? As we know after the new lower denoms comes out one day, the dinar ( with 3 zeros ) will be worthless/ no value, right folks?
  6. Because noone knows when the IQD will become internationally recognized currency one day. But, once the IQD become internationally recognized currency one day, dinar holders can exchange dinar for dollars with a new rate.
  7. Thanks Half Crazy Runner. I am glad you said that.
  8. Then what happens to all dinar holders out of iraqi country ( US dinar holders )? Will US dinar holders not be able to exchange dinar for dollars at any US bank once this baby pops one day?
  9. Hopefully, iqd will rv first before Afghanistan's currency. It might be china will be the first investor to come to build afghanistan and might have the authority to determine the afghanistan's currency?
  10. China might be the first investor who will come and invest in Afghanistan after the US left the Afghanistan.
  11. This is just someone opinion and it wasn't coming directly from the cbi itself. I amn't going to get excited yet. Since when has the cbi ever listened to what the expert ( or someone opinion ) has to say.
  12. What if the iqd become internationally recognized currency one day, can dinar holders exchange dinar for dollars at any US bank?
  13. Thanks for the article 6ly410. Just wonders what is iraq's definition of " explosion "? RV at higher rate?
  14. Covid-19 and their variants haven't been over yet and there will be a covid-22? Oh boy, when is this covid going to end? I thought this covid will be gone 100% forever by the end of this year 2021.
  15. 1.) You made the right decision. 2.) Good choice of investments.
  16. I am confused here. What a 1:1 RV has something to do with iraqi foreign reserves ( USD )? Will all US dinar holders be able to exchange dinars for dollars in the country of iraq when this baby pops? I thought US dinar holders will only exchange dinars for dollars at BOA or other banks in the US?
  17. If they can rv the iqd soon.
  18. 1 USD=83.5 AFN and then, 1 AFN=0.012 USD. 1 USD=1,460 IQD, and then 1 IQD=0.00068 USD. Makes me wonder why does the afghanistan's currency is higher than the Iraqi's currency? Between country of Afghanistan and country of Iraq, which country has had the most resources of oil reserves?
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