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  1. Thank god. I thought the Goat is a gal and chic goat.
  2. May be behind their denial , they have a secret purpose to confuse and keep dinar investors away from owning and buying more dinars. We'll wait and see. That's what I am thinking, too.
  3. Thanks for your clarification. As you said, we"ll wait and see.
  4. Yep. The goat seems to know anybody anything inside CBI and He feels he is important person.
  5. When this baby really pops one day , then I will cash out and never look back. And then, after that I will buy Dong immediately.
  6. Sorry for a correction. What I mean is " on the online Kuwaiti newspaper " or " Kuwaiti's TV "?
  7. Where did you see that Kuwait denied? On the online iraqi newspaper? Or iraqi's TV? Did you , by any chance , buy the Kuwaiti dinar and see for yourselves how Kuwait changed their rate at that time?
  8. Denial denial denial. That's what they have already been saying. It won't be the first time. Same ole same ole. Just different date. Is this some kinds of recycled articles or something? I don't believe what they said about " returning the rate to 1,200 or changing the rate or even increasing the rate against the dollar " many many times for how many years already? Almost 19 years as long as I can remember. Just wonder , which other middle east countries or other foreign countries that have the shortest time ( less than 3 months ) and the longest time ( more than 1 year ) that have already been rv'ing their currency?
  9. Here we go again. The Goat is throwing up more BS all over the dinarvet.
  10. If they aren't assassinated by the snipers when they aren't becoming a politician again ( their terms are ended and they have to step down and replaced by other politicians ). Usually, corrupt politicians have many silent deadly enemies and their enemies dare to show up and hire snipers after the corrupt politicians step down from the office / no more power anymore.
  11. I thought they have a holidaze for 9 days starting from 7/09?
  12. Next means SOON? Or in the Coming Days?
  13. Let's just wait and see then. The question is when is the reset going to begin?
  14. What is 4A,4B, 4C all about? Is that the size of bra and underwear that belong to the the goose? Geezz that's the funniest things I have never seen before cause I have never seen goose wearing bra and underwear.
  15. Come on Mark. What whales? Do you mean Whales that swim in the sea? Whales can't even talk, therefore whales surely don't know anything redemption centre cause whales only know about the sea where they swim. See the joke is on you Mark.
  16. 60 cents on 1 million IQD is $600,000 not a bad rate for a starting and Immediately cash out and never look back.
  17. No matter the price of oil goes down to $63 or goes up to $380 , i still have a doubt if the RV will happen.
  18. What happened to Abe was exactly the same attack as what happened to the assassination of John F Kennedy. And 67 years isn't old enough either. May Be Abe has a silent deadly enemy from unfairly business competition.
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