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  1. You aren't wrong cause may be you haven't read the article lately. Thanks I am really glad you said that.
  2. Don't you think turning in old notes for a new lower denoms are applying to Iraqi citizens only inside the country of Iraq ( not out of Iraqi country )? So why should dinar investors turn in old notes for a new lower denoms unless you want to wait a little longer for a higher rate down the road after a rate change for a first time or you may want to keep your dinars in the bank? Actually, It is everybody's choice.
  3. Wait a minute. Hold down a second. How did you know " Iran revalued their currency "? Where did you read about that? Have you read the articles that Yota posted about it on the dinar news lately? As Luigi said that Iran already deleted 4 zeros, but the rate remained unchanged.
  4. Kraperoni can push CBI what to do? Ha ha that's funny. Kraperoni thought he was a CBI's employee or something? Kraperoni is really a terrible liar. But here we are in the dinar rumors and all liar and BS are allowed to exist and spread like a virus or covid pandemic.
  5. We can only hope Iraq isn't like Iran's currency which is a LOP.
  6. As long as it is between 10 cents to a buck, I run faster straight to the bank and take a vacation to hawaii without getting paid ( unlike iraq take a vacation with getting paid ).
  7. Thanks for the info about the spread. Now the most important is how soon this baby is going to pop? What we have to do every second is just wait wait and wait until we have a great great great great great great grandchildren.
  8. Does that mean Iranian rial's rate will increase / float in the long run ( may be 10 to 50 years down the road )?
  9. But iran already deleted 4 zeros , does that mean whoever already bought iran's currency are screwed, too?
  10. Will Iraq become the next one of the most expensive currency in the future after RV?
  11. What is the next currency soon to follow? Iraq? Will Iraq delete 3 zeros after Iran already did it.
  12. If Iran already deleted 4 zeros, that means they already release a new lower denoms. Has anyone already known a new rate after deleting 4 zeros?
  13. Or Soon or urgent? That's exactly what Iraqi is used to say in their articles. Same ole same ole just coming from different gurus.
  14. 60 "DDD" let's see like a watermelon or a bowling ball or a basket ball or truck tires?
  15. Can the cow walk on stair or use a lift / elevator from first floor to the rooftop?
  16. Ha ha from BS gurus and CBI's denial.. But I do wanna know from credible and trustable source , is there any?
  17. Hey pimple. Are you talking about " international airports and malls in the States or in country of Iraq? Cause you seem to know every currency exchange store worldwide.
  18. Hey frankie. Do you believe what they sàid? Sometimes a good news means bad news and this happens many times. Like when they said they wanted to " delete 3 zeros or increase dinar against the dollars " , did they really implement what they said or just totally BS at the end?
  19. yes they do. According to iraq definition, ASAP= AS SLOWER AS POSSIBLE "
  20. Is that 4% interest all in or 4% minus additional fees ( service charge ) - tax?
  21. Just wonder , Are three " Al " of them blood brothers? Cause they have the same first name " Al ". Do they belong to different mom same dad? It don't matter if one of them will be chosen to be the next PM as long as three of them are blood brothers.
  22. Exactly. You got that right.
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