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  1. How many times have they been saying about " returning the exchange rate to what it was " and never been implementing it? Just talk talk and more talk and no action.
  2. May be the less people know and buy iqd, the higher the chance of the iqd to rv. IMO.
  3. Delete 6 zeros was only applied to venezuela citizens in country of venezuela, therefore, venezuela citizens will exchange 1 million old bolivar for 1 new lower bolivar denoms. What about bolivar holders out of venezuela? Let's say if bolivar holders out of venezuela had 1 million old bolivar, then Can bolivar holders out of venezuela exchange 1 million old bolivar for US dollars after deleting 6 zeros ( 1 million old bolivar x 0.25 usd/ one new bolivar=250,000 USD )?
  4. So it is just a break even= no profit?
  5. According to, 1 USD=4,219,287.62 VES and become 1 VES=0.000000237 USD. If delete 6 zeros, that means 1 VES=0.23 USD. Is this revaluation or redenomination? Just wonder has the central bank of venezuela already been releasing lower denoms note to the publics yet?
  6. Wow. That sounds too good to be true. Can someone else verify that?
  7. I couldn't hear you. Did someone say rv " soon "? Who said that?
  8. I can live with that rate too, jeepguy. It makes a lot of senses. The higher the price of oil, the higher the iqd rate should be. Follow the price of oil, follow the money.
  9. 1 USD=1,200 IQD? Is this for real or opinion piece only?
  10. Yep. 800-BLUWOLF or 800-FRANK26 or 800-MTGOAT or 800-KAPERONI. And after dial the number, there are 4 options to press: press # 1 for 1:1 soon or press # 2 for $3 next week or press # 3 for $5 next month or press # 4 please wait while we are transferring you to the governor of the CBI.😁
  11. 1 USD=1,460 IQD, and then, 1 IQD=0.00068 49USD. And if delete 5 zeros, that means 1 IQD=68,5 USD. Wow, this is unbeliavable. and i am really shocked if that rate is truly happening one day.
  12. 3 bucks , Pimpy? We all are extremely happy if that is truly happening one day.
  13. Bankrupt the country? Is this some kind of in-country rv or something, according to what pimpy said? If all dinar holders will only be able to exchange dinar for dollars in the states ( out of iraqi country ) when the iqd rv one day, i don't think it will bankrupt the iraqi country.
  14. However , the iraqi government politicians keep getting richer and richer and they don't care about the poor ordinary iraqi citizens and they only care about their own fat pockets. And, it seems the corruption will always exist no matter who will be the next PM in the next election.
  15. I don't know how you got that number $2.50 USD/dinar, but i truly like that number so much. I just wish the iqd will rv at 1 iqd=2.50 USD one day.
  16. If venezuela will delete 6 zeros , effective october 01 , that means: 1 USD= 5 VES. 1 VES ( Venezuelan Bolivar )=0.2 USD. Is it called a revaluation ( after deleting 6 zeros )?
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