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  1. I agree what you said. However , sadly , that won't be applied to Iraq cause iraq use " the law of the jungle ". Whoever has more powerful and money in iraq, they can do and say whatever they want and like and noone dares to disobey. And Whoever dares to disobey, be careful when they get home and make sure that they and their families don't get killed at home.
  2. But I still prefer what Adam predict at 10 cents. At least 0.10 USD is better than 3 times from the original investment. Again , we can only guess and make assumption to make us ready to face the worst case scenario and not regret it for the rest of our lives if the profit from this investment isn't what we have been expecting it. Furthermore , the CBI has been talking about " deleting 3 zeros " but they have never been implementing until today ( may be they have other plans how to deal with their currency in their brains ) and Hopefully, this delays can turn out to be a nice RV that we have been expecting it.
  3. If malarky tried to do a coup that means he is in charge of the whole iraqi army. When he is in charge of the whole iraqi army, so he can control the whole iraqi army and the whole iraqi army only listen to what malarky said. From this moment, we all can see how powerful and wealthy this malarky is.
  4. It isn't that easy to catch malarky cause noone dares to touch and put him behind bar. Malarky is so powerful and a very wealthy man , therefore he can bribe everybody to keep their mouth shut. Or he can hire a sniper to shot and kill someone who dares to go against him.
  5. Ok Nader enough about malarky. Now about your father called you at 3 o'clock in the morning to say " the good news is it's happening this week ". We want you to tell us the rest of the story about the good news this week? Don't even try to divert the attention to other subjects ( about malarky tried to do a coup or something else ). Just stick to your subject about " the good news is it's happening this week ". We all want to know what the good news is?
  6. Labor day , Eastern bunny, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas & New year EVERY YEAR to come.
  7. We have already been waiting for almost 19 years or may be more just to get a triple our investment? Oh no no no hopefully that won't happen.
  8. I have been on high alert since 2003. 7 hours? Ha ha ha geez this Mark never stop telling lies and BS. Next time it will be 7 days a week 24 hours a day.
  9. Hey Mark. Prewar values? Show us Which articles that talked about prewar values? Can you post the articles that talked about prewar values so we all can read it here? Is there a link/ sources to back it up?
  10. Frankie frankie frankie. This week? Whom did your banking friend get this info from? This Nader from the mid east? OMG. This youtuber Nader is becoming so popular just because of the story about his father calling him at 3 o'clock in the morning just to say " the good news it's happening this week ".
  11. What could the good news be? Did your father call you again at 3 o'clock in the morning just to say " the good news is it's happening this week " ? Or Is RV really happening tomorrow morning? may be not.
  12. " it's gonna be the CBI " . Alright we follow you so far. But what about your previous post? You said about " the good news is it's happening this week " and we want to know the rest of the story. Come on Nader, Is it really happening or more lies and BS just like the rest of the gurus? By the way , Did your father call you again at 3 o'clock in the morning just to tell you " the good news is it's happening this week "?
  13. 1. Ambiguity about DEVALUING the exchange rate. 2. Returning the rate to what it was 2 years ago ( which is 1,190 ) 3. Restoring the dollar exchange rate to its previous era is difficult at the present time. 4. " Changing the exchange rate is possible but it requires patience and careful study " " we need to cook on a quiet fire and monitor the prices ( oil prices and foreign reserves ) until the END of 2022. Here we go again. It looked like a recycled article. Same ole same ole just different date. Come on Iraq. Don't feed us with all the BS to confuse the dinar investors. Just do what's right for your own citizens to make their lives even better and prosperous.
  14. Hey Mark. This week? Where did you hear that from? Nader from the mid east? Who are most of your people? You and Nader , right Mark.
  15. Give me a break would you mark. What Nader said was BS. If the RV is happening , we won't still be here cause we all are already going to the bank to cash out and never look back. And furthermore , why would the iraqi citizens chat about RV? Don't you think all iraqi citizens will trade in old dinar ( with 3 zeros ) for a new lower denoms? Only dinar investors have been waiting for IQD to RV because they will trade old dinar for dollars in the States when the RV happens.
  16. You have your own opinion, that is A ok to me. Now , The most important is to prove what this nader said " THE GOOD NEWS IS IT'S HAPPENING THIS WEEK! ". Is it really happening this week folks? Let's just wait and see then. Hope this nader is right eventhough I still doubt about it.
  17. This is just my perception. If he did say he wasn't home , it means he might be out of town ( going to different city ) but it was still in the middle east country. But, if you believed he was in the States at that time, then it is A ok, too. hope you're right.
  18. Hey mark. Something to be excited? What is excited? Excited about what? Nothing happens. RV isn't happening. Who is excited? Noone, except you and Nader. both of you might be excited because of your BS spreading like covid pandemic.
  19. There was a coup?? TNT BOOM BOOM BOOM BS. Any takers?
  20. You're not wrong if this nader live in the States and his father live in the middle east pp. However, when I read the words " Nader from the mid east " , it means I just assume that both this nader and his father live in the middle east, not in the States. So , there will be no time difference cause both of them live in the same country which is in the middle east. If both of them really live in the middle east, then his father shouldn't call this nader at 3 o'clock in the morning just to say " the good news is it's really happening " eventhough we all know this is still considered a rumor without the link/ the sources to back it up. Unless the governor of the CBI called his father directly that rv is happening right now, if that's the case then we all might believe it when we see a rate change in the bank when the banks opens or in the forex. The question is did the governor of the CBI not sleep at 3 o'clock in the morning?
  21. That's right. I believe it when I see it.
  22. Good answer. Pimpy isn't a very credible name. His nickname should be pimp. " Who is the black private **** that's a sex machine to all the chick? " SHAFT " you're damn right " " Who's the cat that won't cop out when there're a danger all about? " SHAFT " Right on " " They say this cat Shaft is a bad mother " Shut your mouth " But I am talkin' ' bout Shaft " Then we can dig it " " But he's a complicated man but noone understand him but his women " John Shaft "
  23. But that's a different video that Jaguar bring it over here. I guess the recent video from Jaguar is more update.
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