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  1. We can only hope the prisoners ( corrupt high rank officials that got arrested ) don't even have a chance to give a nice bribe to the prison warden ( through the jail back door deal ) at night ( while all prisoners and the guards sleep ) in order to release the prisoners at night ( it is dark and quiet at night ). Even the prison warden can be bribed cause they are iraqi government officials too. Eventhough the high rank officials got arrested , it doesn't really mean they are really really poor. Because they have already been doing a corruption for many years , therefore they already hid that dirty monies somewhere out of iraqi country where noone knows.
  2. I didn't know that. I really didn't pay attention to the date.
  3. The most important is did they dare to arrest mob bosses : Malarky and Barzani and their cronies , too? Cause they didn't mention the names of the high rank officials they arrested.
  4. In a couple week? Hey nader, where did you get that info from? Were you really really saying there will be a rate change in a couple week? Cause if there is no rate change in a couple week , then why should we go to Europe right? So are you really sure we can trade in dinar for dollars in a couple week? You didn't make up a story BS again did you , like the made up story BS about your father called you at 3 o'clock in the morning just to say " the good news is it's happening this week ".
  5. The CBI won't dare to drop the rate to 1,200. They just like to talk talk talk and never dare to implement it. Any takers?
  6. Now that's more like it. But Enough about the place we can trade in dinar for dollars. Hey nader , what is the good news that your father called you at 3 o'clock in the morning? You haven't told us what the good news is. Unless the story about your father called you at 3 o'clock in the morning was just made up stories BS by you Nader.
  7. This is all talk talk talk and finally nothing get done BS. Any takers?
  8. May be we can only get between 50 - 70% profit after paying all kinds of taxes ( federal tax , income tax , etc ) and bank's fee. Probably , some people will agree and a few people will disagree.
  9. At $15 , it is definitely not a straight RV or RI either. It might be deleting 3 zeros to make the rate 1:1 , then RV at $15 as you ever explained it before Luigi1.
  10. Hey goat. What should we do now while waiting until the end of 2022? Going back to sleep for more than 4 months and wake up in the morning on december 01, 2022 and see what happens to the rate? Can you really sleep without waking up that long , goat?
  11. I agree with you. Nobody knows. We just have to wait wait and wait until the RV happens one day.
  12. So when this baby pops and if we want to trade in dinar for dollars in London or Paris or Other European countries, we only pay for the bank's fee only right and we don't have to pay for all kinds of taxes because we are US Citizens. Unless we bring the dollars over to the States , then we have to pay taxes.
  13. Hey Walkingstick. Where did you get that info from? Frankie? Or the pimps? Or craperoni? Can you show us the proof sheeds of new lower denoms? Otherwise BS.
  14. I agree with you. You are totally right. By the way , will Paris or London or other European countries allow the foreigners to bring one big suitcase full of foreign currency ( IQD ) without getting confiscated by the customs officers?
  15. Weekend? OMG. Gee why hasn't Nader told us " THE GOOD NEWS ( after his father called him at 3 o'clock in the morning ) ". Come on nader geez tell us the good news. I thoight you are such a gentlement. Or come on be a man You better admit it when you are wrong. Where are you nader? Did you hide under your bed? Or did you pee on your pants because you are too scared to come us to tell us the good news? Are you a little chicken coward too?
  16. Hey Mark. How did you know iraq is on lockdown? May be iraq is on lockdown because of covid pandemic ( new variants ) that is spreading even worst and all iraqi citizens have to stay inside the house to avoid increasing the covid's rate. And, May be the death rate from the covid pandemic is getting a higher and higher. As Luigi said , we wait wait and wait until it is proven cause we are in dinar rumors.
  17. I never thought about that. That would be the worst case scenario. Hopefully, we don't have to fly to iraq and carry a big suitcase full of IQD and land it in airport in baghdad, and when the customs office find out and a suitcase full of IQD will be definitely confiscated ( gone no more ). Nothing can fool the X-Rays machine. Who dares to take that risk?
  18. Because they live in iraq , that's why they get paid in dinar as their local currency.
  19. Hmm what a really cute little piggy. Can pig fly? Can a magic carpet fly? Yes we see it in the movie of " Aladdin ".
  20. the rate right now=1,460 delete 3 zeros become=1.460. That means 1 USD=1.460 IQD OR 1 IQD=0.68 USD. If they delete from both the banknotes and the exchange rate at the same time , then we break even. After that if they revalue above 3 bucks , it means we only make a triple our investment. This is why I prefer a straight RV at 10 cents better than only get a triple our investment. UNLESS, they only delete from the exchange rate ( and not from the banknotes ), but is it possible ( can they do that ) deleting from the exchange rate only?
  21. Hey Mark. What is very very hot? Is the weather very very hot? Or is your coffee very very hot? Is the babe that you just meet very very hot?
  22. If that's the way it went ( like what Nader said ), then the profit is only triple our investment. I wish Nader was wrong. Luigi also said something like this ( only triple our investment ). How come Nader and Luigi have the same analysis and thinking about triple our investment? Well eventually, I still prefer what Adam predict at 10 cents better.
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