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  1. Thanks for the advice PP. I'll try to be more positive next time cause we really want this baby to pop soon.
  2. You can't return to Saddam's days cause Saddam is already dead gone no more. However, you ( protesters ) can demand to return to Saddam's rate $3+. That's even better. Hopefully.
  3. Hey nader. How did you know the rate changed on the bank? It is still 1,460 on the CBI site. Whom did you get that info from? Frankie? Or pimps?
  4. Frankie frankie frankie. Did kazemi really say that? Show us the evidence or otherwise it is just BS.
  5. Hey nadar. What video? Where was the video saying the Dinar rate has revalued? Could you post it here? So everyone can watch it.
  6. Saddam's days were better? Come on CBI, didn't you know that your iraqi citizens thought Saddam's days were better. Then what are you waiting CBI? Just return to SADDAM'S RATE immediately before the protesters are getting out of control, taking over the parliament and burning the building down.
  7. Frankie frankie frankie. It is still 1,460 on the CBI site. No more BS / make up story frankie.
  8. Yep. And malarky is having a bachelor party too and invite expensive call girls with big boobs to dance around him and sit on his lap and licking up ( not on his bald head ) and down.
  9. Hey Mark. How did you know they are partying? Did they invite you to the party or Did you fly to iraq to attend their party too?
  10. Hey MM. Don't just say " previous era " cause it means nothing. It is better for you to show us the number and follow the money.
  11. It is even better if they stop the auction. But Is it possible for them to stop the auction? Probably only CBI can answer that question.
  12. Hunt all the corrupt down and kill them all and hanging them up 100% Naked on the rope outside under the sun for at least a week. After a week, the next morning, feed them to the crocodiles for their breakfast.
  13. I kind of a doubt about the world " floating ". Does " floating " mean rise gradually over the time? If it does , then the question is how many years is it going to take to float the rate from=0.00068USD to a buck? Personally, I prefer a straight RV rather than floating. For now, let's just wait and see what the CBI is planning to do with their currency.
  14. Thanks for the correction and bringing the chart over Ron. I guess you were right. And after reading the chart , the rate in 2021=0.000682 USD and 2022=0.000690 USD were quiet similar / pretty close to the rate in 2005=0.000688 USD. It seems like the rate in 2021 and 2022 went backward almost close to the rate in 2005. And again we can only hope , after that , the next rate change is going to go backward close to the rate in 2003 , 2002 , 2001 , 2000 , 1999. Once again , hopefully. Only time will tell.
  15. How did it happen actually? Who stole your 30mil IQD? Did you keep your 30mil IQD in the Warka Bank and then all of sudden your 30mil IQD in your account were gone/ stolen? And then you assumed the Warka Bank was a thief who stole your 30mil IQD just like that? After that you complained to the IMF about your 30mil IQD that was stolen?
  16. Come on Nader. What is happening? Nothing. The rate has still been 1,460 for almost 19 years. What is gonna go fast? The midnight sale underpants and bra?From here to october? What day? What year? What is coming up? Is more BS coming up pretty Soon from someone named Nader from the mid east?
  17. Lift the injustice of the poor citizens? What a sweet talker. Don't just talk talk talk , just restore to its former glory rate now. Or Otherwise BS again. But as we all know, they just like to talk talk talk and finally zero/ nothing gets done.
  18. Same ole same ole just different date. A recycled article. Again it's all talk talk talk and finally gone like a wind ( BS ).. They're good at talking , but they have no balls to implement it. It's like a coward little chicken.
  19. Just remember : the corrupt high rank officials will never never tell the truth where they have been hiding their dirty monies somewhere out of iraqi country 100%. Never never never. Once the money is taken out / stolen by the corrupt , it is very very very hard for the corrupt to return them back. It's like " fools me once , shame on you. Fools me twice , shame on me ".
  20. If the mob bosses ( malarky and barzany and their cronies ) didn't get arrested, that means they can still steal money again and again and again. Finally the corruption never ends. To prove it that the mob bosses already got arrested, just watch and read the news in the article tomorrow or next week or next month whether the mob bosses's pictures are still shown up in each article.
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