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  1. What a load of old hogwash, the lies these people come up with is unreal.
  2. Sounds like the A team need to quit smoking that wacky stuff. 🚬
  3. I will gladly hand over my dinar but you must revalue your currency first, if not the smelly stuff stays in my safe.
  4. Someone has been rolling something in those white papers. 🤣
  5. She looks surprised by the size of my hopium meter.
  6. Thanks for the positives I needed those, my hopium meter is way up there again 😊 Go Iraq go Dinar! But please do it this year lol
  7. My Hopium is slipping.. Help! 💣
  8. Sports cars, so whens the new cribs getting posted? 😁
  9. I got shat on 3 times over the last two weeks by birds which has never happened before so I hope the old wife's tale comes true.🤞
  10. You are correct, I too was stung many moons ago Hahaha.
  11. Is the 800 number to call up bored house wives.🤣
  12. Fred70

    2020 RV

    Here in the Uk we are not far behind you , its unbelievable what is happening.
  13. Fred70

    2020 RV

    Yeah and no where to cash in as everything is shut down lol
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