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  1. You may get a bored house wife on the line 🤣
  2. 2005/2006 for me, I stumbled across a forum called investorsIraq at that time and got drawn in to the craze and bought my first IQD, I have sold quiet a bit of my stash over the years to fund other things but kept some for a rainy day, like many I lost faith until about a year or so ago I found this site and joined as something was telling me or prompting me that it will not be long now before this is all over.
  3. I agree this reset needs to be stopped in its tracks, if not humanity is doomed.
  4. I agree this reset needs to be stopped in its tracks, if not humanity is doomed.
  5. Spot on, I couldn't agree more we have a fair share of those halfwits here in the UK.
  6. Who said anything about killing patriots you idiot? You left scum try and twist everything to suit your own agenda of dancing unicorns, and for your information I am British. There will be no Rv with Peado Biden in power.
  7. Maybe you don't have the balls but treason is treason and is worthy of the death sentence. The greater evil is destroying a nation by outside influences and those hell bent on destroying the foundations of a great country and its Christian values.
  8. And Obama was better was he? Or spoke better? I think you need to give your head a shake.
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