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  1. 39 minutes ago, rvmydinar said:

    Why would they print 20K dinar if they're planning to release new lower denoms and RV the iqd ( unless they have other back up plans? )? It's wasting money and printing a new currency costs a fortune.

    I wouldn't lose sleep or time dwelling on the 20k note. What's unique about this investment is that Iraq's currency in regards to adding value is what's going to aid them in getting back to the powerhouse they use to be. Just my 2 cents.

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  2. 3 minutes ago, Engine1 said:

    Sorry, cant get excited.  To many times of getting excited in the 18 years I have been in this crap shoot of an investment to ever get excited about it again.  Unless I am on my way out of the bank after cashing in..... that is when I will get excited......

    I feel you. Awesome news lately but I'll be excited after me and my loved ones have exchanged!

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  3. 4 minutes ago, cranman said:

    All these statements about the budget being good for the next 3 years is a surprise to me. Anyone else?


    This has to bode well for the dinar.

    The economy should explode on many fronts. 



    I'm totally shocked first because I thought they would continue to drag on..then this approving funds for the next 3 years! It would seem Hcl should follow closely. Hopefully it won't stall in Parliament. Either way hopefully soon what we're waiting on will materialize for us!🙏

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  4. 1 minute ago, Laid Back said:

    From 1460 to 1300 is a 10% revaluation. Not what we want, but step in the right direction.


    Go Iraq 🇮🇶 

    Go internacional 

    Go open market economy 

    Go stronger dinar

    Yep correct but I don't see how this will help much or keep the citizens quiet for long. Jmo

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  5. 25 minutes ago, rvmydinar said:

    We will definitely get excited IF I SAY IF we already see a rate change on the cbi site. For now , we aren't excited yet and just have to wait and see as we always do.

    I feel you! I'll get excited once after I've exchanged and the money has been credited to my account!

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  6. 6 minutes ago, Pitcher said:


    Not a guru, I just read a lot.  I'm waiting to see if some information I read about is going to happen.  If it is true the loss of the Petro Dollar will not be a significant problem for the US.  The US is not going to fall off the table and turn into a 3rd world Country no matter what some doom and gloomers are peddling.  When the Reset happens the USA will lead.  Yes, there will be a big adjustment for many Americans but we'll get through it like we did in the 70's and our parents and grandparents did in the Great Depression.  There were many millionaires minted in the 70's and some in the 30's.  It's all about being positive and looking for opportunity.  It's very possible that many on this site who have invested in Dinar, Metals, and Cryptos will do very well.  


    My glass is always half full.  


    Had to give you a POW! Yes sir we're definitely going to be alright! I be wondering where in the HECK do people come up with the dollar is crashing etc..When we exchange our Dinars for dollars and pay our taxes well it definitely will contribute to enhancing the 💵. No matter how annoying at times this Dinar ride has been my glass is half full as well.👊

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  7. 43 minutes ago, keylime said:

    Parliamentarian: We need 45 days to review the federal budget law

    Parliamentarian: We need 45 days to review the federal budget law

    2023-02-22 00:23

    Parliamentarian - We need 45 days to review the federal budget lawShafaq News / A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Faisal Al-Naili announced, on Wednesday, that the House of Representatives needs 45 days to review and vote on the Federal Budget Law for the year 2023 before returning it to the government for approval.

    Al-Naeli told Shafaq News agency, “We in the Parliamentary Finance Committee and the House of Representatives need a maximum of 45 days to read, discuss and make amendments to some articles and paragraphs that need to be amended in the budget law.”

    And that “all files and the exchange rate of the dollar in the general budget law have been settled, and the government will send the budget law to Parliament at the beginning of next month.”

    He added, “The government is serious about resolving and resolving all points of disagreement between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government before sending the budget law to parliament.”

    Yesterday, Monday, First Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mohsen Al-Mandalawi, announced the arrival of the draft general budget law to the House of Representatives early next week, while stressing the importance of discussing it to support system" rel="">support the poor classes and segments, employees and the food basket.

    Al-Mandalawi’s media office said, in a statement received by Shafaq News agency, “The general budget bill will reach Parliament early next week, after a phone call that Al-Mandalawi made with Finance Minister Taif Sami.”

    Al-Mandalawi stressed “the importance of the budget bill arriving soon to the parliament and starting to discuss its items and make the necessary amendments to it by the Finance Committee, in a way that guarantees the proper application of the government curriculum, especially supporting the poor classes and segments and ensuring the continuity of providing basic materials through the food basket, as well as securing salaries.” Staff and financial allocations required for new appointments.

    And the deputy of the Kurdistan Democratic Party parliamentary bloc, Vian Dakhil, revealed, on Monday, the presence of a delegation from the region in Baghdad to discuss Kurdistan’s share of the budget and the oil and gas law, while she indicated that what actually reaches the region does not exceed 5% of its share specified in the budget.

    Last Sunday, the representative of the State of Law bloc, Muhammad Al-Shammari, depended on the approval of the draft budget law for the current year to resolve the differences and outstanding issues between Erbil and Baghdad, while a delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government visited last week the capital Baghdad and engaged in a round of dialogues with the ministries of finance, planning and oil to return Today again to resume discussions about the region’s share of the budget, in addition to working on the legislation of the oil and gas law and other issues.

    It is noteworthy that the financial budget for the past year 2022 was not approved by the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives due to the turmoil that Iraq witnessed after the early elections in October 2021, which escalated to dangerous levels that ended with the events of the Green Zone, with armed confrontations between supporters of the Sadrist movement and the security forces, which claimed lives. Dozens and hundreds injured.

    45 days takes us past the 1st quarter. So I guess I can start taking my break

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  8. 59 minutes ago, ronscarpa said:

    In My Opinion, the CBI needs to come out at a significant rate. At 1310 IQD/USD the rate is $0.0007633. Drop the 3 Zero's and you have a rate of $0.7633 (76 cents) - in my mind that would be a minimum start. Then let it float to $1, then upwards over time. This makes sense to me. What do you all think..?? :tiphat:RON  

    Makes sense. I've been of the opinion of starting at $0.50-$1.00. Folks suggesting 10 cents or lower doesn't add up to me. Hopefully soon all of our financial goals & dreams will come true!🙏

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  9. 1 hour ago, Artitech said:

    Well, we are almost through the 2nd month of the 1st quarter. Our window of opportunity is still open for about 40 more days! We will know that we are in for another dead year or not! So, my near future means 40 days! Like I say at the end of this 1st quarter and No RV/RI, I’m going in different direction! Hopefully I can detox from all the Hopiem I ingested over the last 14 years! I will say there has  been more currency talk this year, plus we are seeing a positive things happening in Iraq, if it’s true! We all know that they are trained from a very young age to lie! Some one did tell me Fox reported on the IQD about a week ago. I’m trying to find the story but have no luck in finding it! Maybe one of our crack investigators could find the story. Our Thugg Clown was very good at finding things! The only problem is he is a MIA! It’s also been quite with the All seeing eye! I do think they were right on the prediction of something big happened in 3rd week of January 23, just nothing that happened triggered the RV/RI!!! Well 40 days and counting, till lift off! JMHO 🤠

    Me and you both. I said end of 2022 at first then some positive news came about that caused me to want to stick around a little longer. End of March I have to take a might come before then. Hopefully something will happen during my break! A turtle moves faster than these folks! I'm still glad to have found out about this potential windfall/opportunity!

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  10. 56 minutes ago, stanleypower said:

    Just curious why some are hung up on the first quarter? They’re legislating a, for them, historic piece that we’ve been waiting on as long as I’ve been in this, about 14 years. I haven’t seen anything about the first quarter being some kind of backstop for a potential increase in value. Maybe I’m wrong. Were the devaluations made in first quarter?

    Personally I'm not hung up on a quarter. From what I was informed years ago is that they can add value anytime they want.  For me I just will take a break for a while. 

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  11. 1 minute ago, screwball said:

    Because they are a oil producing country who’s currency is valued, they have had plans and passed legislation to delete zeros and were given a trillion dollars by the trump administration along with Vietnam etc to set up a Asian develoment bank and regional currency. In matter of fact what was golden from them was given back to them that’s my Opinion…like Vietnam there vale will be on a par…asset backed currency…

    I had indonesia rupiah some years ago but I turned it back in because I thought it was a lie like some other currencies I had bought. Thanks

  12. 1 hour ago, BETTYBOOP said:

    IMHO... The American team basically laid it on the table and told them... get these issues sorted or we will withdraw the dollar further. BUT, both parties had to keep a front for the cameras. Iraq either needs to pull their finger out on all issues or they will loose support system" rel="">support and they will go back to the dark ages very quickly. I also think time limits have been set for everything. All the countries and 3 letter agencies supporting them have had enough

    Remember if they don't add value to their currency the IMF will add value themselves and take over their management rights.

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