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  1. 100% corruption? Well unfortunately there's always going to be some form of corruption around. That's with any country and along with it, people like us can still make money in the process.
  2. I wouldn't lose sleep or time dwelling on the 20k note. What's unique about this investment is that Iraq's currency in regards to adding value is what's going to aid them in getting back to the powerhouse they use to be. Just my 2 cents.
  3. No doubt! With all this recent movement one would be lead to believe that this will be the year for all dinar holders outside of Iraq to head to the bank! Hopefully 2023 is it!
  4. Folks saying Iraq doesn't get nothing done during Ramadan is not true. Iraq has gotten work done during that month.They may not work every day but they have worked during that time and they will continue to get things done behind the scenes.
  5. I'm totally shocked first because I thought they would continue to drag on..then this approving funds for the next 3 years! It would seem Hcl should follow closely. Hopefully it won't stall in Parliament. Either way hopefully soon what we're waiting on will materialize for us!πŸ™
  6. I listened to the 10 minute audio from Breitling as well. That's good I just didn't get excited because who knows how long the wait will continue to be. Breitling is legit & I've been listening to him for years. He's the reason why I was able to confirm that this investment is legit!
  7. Hey @coorslite21 You thinking around that time possible rate that we want?
  8. The 1st questionπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
  9. Yep correct but I don't see how this will help much or keep the citizens quiet for long. Jmo
  10. I feel you! I'll get excited once after I've exchanged and the money has been credited to my account!
  11. I just stated last week or week before Pimpy is someone I don't take serious! You areπŸ’―
  12. Had to give you a POW! Yes sir we're definitely going to be alright! I be wondering where in the HECK do people come up with the dollar is crashing etc..When we exchange our Dinars for dollars and pay our taxes well it definitely will contribute to enhancing the πŸ’΅. No matter how annoying at times this Dinar ride has been my glass is half full as well.πŸ‘Š
  13. 45 days takes us past the 1st quarter. So I guess I can start taking my break
  14. Makes sense. I've been of the opinion of starting at $0.50-$1.00. Folks suggesting 10 cents or lower doesn't add up to me. Hopefully soon all of our financial goals & dreams will come true!πŸ™
  15. Me and you both. I said end of 2022 at first then some positive news came about that caused me to want to stick around a little longer. End of March I have to take a might come before then. Hopefully something will happen during my break! A turtle moves faster than these folks! I'm still glad to have found out about this potential windfall/opportunity!
  16. Personally I'm not hung up on a quarter. From what I was informed years ago is that they can add value anytime they want. For me I just will take a break for a while.
  17. I had indonesia rupiah some years ago but I turned it back in because I thought it was a lie like some other currencies I had bought. Thanks
  18. Hello @screwballWhy do you feel Indonesia currency is increasing?
  19. Remember if they don't add value to their currency the IMF will add value themselves and take over their management rights.
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