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  1. Well, this was their response when I txt them …. Guess Im good to go and will hit Citibank on Monday since the wire transferring people are only there M-F . Thanks Again ! We didn’t face any issue till now that receiving wire transfers from our clients and we didn’t hear that OFAC block anybody to make wire transfer to Iraq. Just follow the instructions of making a wire transfer that I sent you before. So to make everything clear our account in Baghdad bank and their correspondent bank is Citi bank, so you can make the transfer by using our bank account in Baghdad bank and make the wire transfer from your bank through Citi bank to Baghdad bank according to the account numbers that I sent you before in the instructions of making a wire transfer. If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to contact us kindest regards, Taha Ajina Network Eng. IT Manager & Operations at Al Karmal Brokerage
  2. Amazingly enough I went to my bank to do my 1st wire transfer to Al Karmal and the bank said No Way, Iraq is on the OFAC list and Americans weren't allowed to do any kind of business with Iraq ….. ?????? Got a BIG HUMMMM from me on that one …. Anyone know anything about that ????
  3. I just opened an account with Al-karmal and am needing to know what the best way to fund my account is ….. What bank sent thru and even what the cost would be etc .... Thanks TCM
  4. I just got approved and have an account thru Al-Karmal ….. I now need to send money.... whats the best way or who is the best to send money thru and how is it done Thanks TCM
  5. Who do u go thru to buy stock on the ISX
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