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  1. The DOD is involved in the biolabs Russia just took control of in Ukraine... I bet the military didnt have civilian authority to do this.. Still think the military can't do things without civilian authority?
  2. Im thinkingJune/July time frame at this point in time and yes turbulence is expected beforehand.
  3. I believe 4 days ago we were told new exchange rate within a week. 7-4=3 days left.
  4. You make it sound so idiotic to spend so much time and effort to lose so much money 😅
  5. There sure are a lot of counterfeit dinars for having so many security features...
  6. "It's hard to imagine the currency increasing in value against the U.S. dollar when the country is split politically and literally physically".. Seems like a great catalyst to make the market collapse to me!! Fake WW3 Collapse Arrests Riots Currency reset 💥💥💥💥
  7. The HCL might be nonexistent if Baghdad takes away Kurdistans unconstitutional oil rights they have been claiming for years.. article came out 2 or 3 days ago talking about this
  8. According to Kim Clement, "hands will be taken off of iran" (paraphrase). I believe all sanctions will be removed from Iran and Iran will join the Abraham Accord.
  9. It is fake in the sense of Russia bullying Ukraine etc but its real in the sense that Russia and US are draining the swamp in Ukraine and destroying biolabs and other strategic targets that are used for child trafficking, laundering, guns and drugs etc.. Good stuff happening!!
  10. Putin is working with the white hats to eliminate the deepstate. He is also serving his people/country so some of his actions may not be favorable to the US but he is a white hat.
  11. Buy food now and store it properly so it lasts. I have approximately 6 mths of food in storage ready to go. Also buy silver/gold to hedge against inflation, cash (USD) is probably the worst asset to hold at this time..
  12. Exactly, Putin is a white hat. There is a war but it's not what we see on t.v or in the newspapers. This war is good vs evil and it has been going on behind the scenes for years.. Now, it's coming out for all to see but the corrupt media won't ever tell us what's really going on. When it's over, we get our reset but not before arrests, market collapse, riots etc take place.
  13. If you buy and properly prepare food now at the cheaper price you won't have to buy as much at inflated prices.
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