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  1. As soon as i read the UN was going in to help negotiations, "war" entered my mind, and then, "when things seems at their worst" came to mind.. i think we are getting very close
  2. For the rest of the article: Nvrmnd.
  3. For the rest of the article: Two decades? Should read Three decades.. weird..
  4. June doesn't make any sense to me. I'm going with Beginning of July or January 🤷
  5. It's going on globally.. it will all reset at/around the same time. Prepare for shortages and riots.. stock up on rice, beans and water.
  6. Theseus tries to belittle others while making a fool of himself.. He came after me previously and when I confronted him with his inaccuracies of what he claimed about me, he stopped.. I assume he will do the same with you as you are correct, you clearly stated "MarkZ" and not Luigi.. just ignore him and carry on as you wish..
  7. The whole globe will reset around the same time. Iran can't control what is going on globally. Tons of distractions going on, keep your eyes on the stolen elections that have happened and once they get over turned and given to the true winner, we will get our reset.. watch the movie "2000 mules".
  8. "40 days" is very common in the Bible.. interesting!
  9. Central banks, imf etc... All corrupt and won't be a part of what's coming..
  10. Filed yesterday 4/25/22
  11. I don't believe the plan is time based, I believe it based on events.. certain events must take place before the next step can begin.. I agree with your assessment, we might need violence to take place before we get to our destination..
  12. It's all coming to a head at the same time. People are waking up to the corruption as we speak, Countries are returning to asset backed currencies etc..
  13. Some can't see it taking place because they don't know what to look for. Durham is doing great things, do you follow him? Gesara is already happening, you don't see it?
  14. My understanding is we will get to watch their confessions. We are definitely getting closer, hopefully soon!
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