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  1. Thx, Adam to you and your staff. Fingers crossed!! 😎
  2. Thank you, Adam. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.
  3. See you in Maui fellow dinar vets. I'll get first round. (That will probably leave me broke)😎
  4. Very good news Adam. Thank you to you and your staff! Go RV!!
  5. That was not my intention. I just want to not get too overly excited, and want to stay level headed
  6. U may have talked about this in the past and I may have missed it. My question is when we have an RV and since I am in VIP, how are you going to get a better spread for your members since you dont physically have all our dinar in your possession to exchange with Wells Fargo, Chase or wherever?
  7. Just nuke all these ungrateful camel jockeys, take the oil and be done with it. They will all be happy with their 42 virgins. We all win!!!!!
  8. I didnt get mine either. Ditto on the thanks, above!
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