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  1. It is sad that many iraqis had to die before these f&@^^^ oh man
  2. Abdul Mahdi: The resignation of the government now without an alternative means leaving the country to chaos
  3. Not just the iqd...look at other currencies too like the Indonesian rupiah, vietnamese dong, ....etc..they have increased in value for the bid but the asking rate is same.
  4. People are lining up to withdraw their salaries
  5. Perfect time to release the lower denoms...
  6. Getting there bro, haha. Thanks for the article u posted on ur thread with the bank of baghdad
  7. Iam waiting on the CBI....Let's go CBI!
  8. Bro thug posted the article.. To implement the demands of the demonstrators .. Launch financial allocations for service projects in Babylon within 24 hours
  9. There was an announcement today on lower denoms but they were from other countries lower denoms...let's go CBI...stop playing around, lol
  10. Today's announcement from the CBI on other countries lower denoms made me jump off my bed, lol...CBI is playing tricks on me. Hopefully the CBI will make announcement on the IQD lower denoms next...let's wait a little longer bro...cheers
  11. the most prominent proposals included the inclusion of more than a million families with monthly salaries to raise the standard of living," noting that "those funds will be included in the budget 2020." ...If this standard of living is raised....CBI needs to adjust the rate...let's go CBI ...release the lower denoms n raise the value after...cheers bros
  12. The Central Bank of Iraq, on Tuesday, the adoption of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) corporate governance guide for banks issued. He said in a statement, the text of which reads to Alsumaria News, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) adopted the "Manual of Corporate Governance for Iraqi Banks" issued by the Central Bank of Iraq, as this bank clarifies that the guide has been RECOGNIZED and PUBLICED GLOBALLY and added to the international and global regulations for the first time. There will be more....and hopefully the next announcement is the lower denoms..
  13. Education on what the CBI is going to announce after this..
  14. This is gonna be followed by more announcements later on....cheers bros
  15. Hey bro, there was an announcement from the CBI early today...they are all in arabic...couldn't make out on what they are saying...Been trying since really early this fact ,yoda posted it on news section.
  16. Hello bros...I I watching....cheers bros
  17. including stopping the state at a time that will determine the payment of any amount in paper currency...
  18. Whatever no. Is in the budget will stay as is in the country .it has no bearing on any rate changes...if however the rate changes, any surplus will be up to the finance govt how they will deal with it.
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