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  1. Have u not seen what's going on with this pandemic? Or u just don't care at all.
  2. Now people want cash n hands because ramadan is coming..they neee money in hand to CBI issues instructions to all banks
  3. Recent article ...CBI only permits those banks to participate n to abide by their instructions to meet people demands to get cash and to prevent the spread of virus...Ramadan is coming
  4. CBI auction will be out of its normal activity due to only one thing n one thing only in my opinion---covid19.
  5. The CBI wants to stop the high exchange rate of the dollar to the dinar...they are not allowing any banks to participate maybe because all banks are selling dollar at diff rate...thus this will be harder for the CBI to get the rate back to its normal--->1190dinar/dollar. 2029(summer)
  6. That's the date when stimulus package begins to be sent out to all americans...i dont believe that to be the date of ri/rv. We have a long shot for it happening at this time.
  7. Yup, U got it. Like nothing happened, business as usual. Right now, the CBI is facing one is able to update the auction. Rv is a long way from happening.
  8. Haha...all I do all day is watch the stock market I buy stocks and deal with them. I agree that stocks does change/fluctuates. I used to deal with currency trading but it's nothing like the stocks..
  9. Perhaps u didn't see the oil price dropped dramatically? This is their biggest source of income...Their budget depends on it...since oil price is down, lower than their objective price for the budget ...the price for everything else must also be adjusted
  10. Yup...covid19 is the reason. No need to read too much into this.
  11. These guys don't even update their actions before there was covid19...they may never update the auctions until this whole virus is gone. Their offices are probably empty by one is working. They are giving borrowers 3 months to pay their loans because of the virus
  12. I agree with your post. This rv may never happen and if it does, it is not going to be in few weeks or few months.....maybe in years but even that it is still vague. Just think for now that it won't ever rv, that way u won't get disappoint again.
  13. Those invested in cryptos can be waiting for a very long time to gain back profits...if ever
  14. Yup..even if the dinar starts to float . It will take some time for the dinar to gain value with global stock market crippled due to corona virus. There was a law that talks about currency manipulator and selling of products fairly so as to make all countries be in playing field....all this to take effect in April
  15. "subject to the mechanism of supply and demand in the market.”..this should be talked about because supply n demand are what drive the value of the Iraqi dinar
  16. Stock Market crash in US, Europe, and Asia. Iam sure there will be no rv in a long, long time...count on that
  17. This is someone's interpretation of the law/article that Floridian just provided. Nowhere in that article or law that specifically states a new currency undervalued/manipulation states currency manipulator ...and products to unfairly benefit from devaluation.
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