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  1. Iran approves plan to cut four zeros from falling currency -report


    May 4, 2020 3:37 pm


    DUBAI, May 4 (Reuters) - Iran’s parliament has passed a bill allowing the government to slash four zeros from the rial, Iranian state media reported on Monday, after a sharp fall in the value of the currency as a result of crippling U.S. sanctions.

    Iran’s national currency will be changed from the rial to the Toman, which is equal to 10,000 rials, under the bill.

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  2. That graph should be nothing to be excited about. Here's the equation for it...

    Since we don't know what x is..we can use this equation to find out its value. X = f(y). Y is already given...from Jan to Feb...we can use the max to get 462,830. So then the equation becomes...x= f(462,830), which pretty much is..X= 462, more no less. Cheers.

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  3. 32 minutes ago, DWS112 said:

    This is All My Opinion, (and I do not use math alot)

    link to chart





    (Jan 2020)          480.64 is the low number 

    (Feb 29, 2020)   462,830 is the high number




    IMPORTANT NOTE: Pick any number (1-9)    .000
      I used .000

    IF:      (Jan 2020)  480.64  = .0008 (my number)
                  ___________    ______________
    THEN: (Feb 29, 2020) 462,830  =  x (what is new number?)



    x = (.0008 x 462830) / 480.64 
    370.264 / 480.64   = .77 or .8


    Result: 3 zeros gone

    Tell me how u came up w this equation

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  4. 35 minutes ago, Artitech said:

    I hate to admit it, once this didn’t RV in March 2020, I’ve always said this year was lost! The only thing that is different is this Coronavirus, so I giving it a little more time! I do have sinking feeling about this deal! I guess we are a one day at a time! I’m like you, deep down I really believe it’s business as usual. I sure hope I’m wrong! I’m staying till the bitter end!🤠

    Agree...this coro/navira is costing a lot of money loss

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  5. 7 minutes ago, KristiD said:


    I'm with you!!!  I was sad to read this, but I studied the first 3 pages of the past auction sales, and I will say that there are a tremendous amount of input errors, I"d guess 20-30% of the time.  Also, it's rare for them to execute a sale on the same take it took place.... though I did see one other instance of it so it's not impossible.  I'm interested to see the next reported auction informatioin.  If it shows a sale date in late March, I think chances are good that the April 19 "sale date: posted today was likely just an input error. 


    Notwithstanding all of that, we don't know for sure that stopping the auctions is a requirement for the RV in the first place.  We've just been hoping it's related.  But even if the RV doesn't happen in the next week or so, I still say Iraq is going to have to RV soon because they're just losing so much money from low oil prices and they can't ever get that money back.  They can compensate for those huge ongoing losses by adding value (and hopefully significant value) to their currency to give themselves a really big cushion to draw upon to cover those loses.  And clearly the sooner they do that  the better.  

    Stopping an auction was never a requirement to RV. It will never stop .. they can rv and not stopping it.

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