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  1. The reason it is showing it's equal to it's own currency is because people are selecting IQD as the chosen base currency. Go here to this link and see that 1 IQD is equal to 1 IQD because the chosen base currency is IQD: Then replace where it says IQD in the drop down box to USD and see the change in the value of the IQD back to its original devalued rate.
  2. I fail to understand the significance of this as you're actually 100% correct...... I think the majority of members are under the impression it is showing 1 IQD is equal to 1USD which is not the case at all. It is showing 1 IQD = 1 IQD which is not a change in value at all.
  3. Jizmo


    So what does this mean for our bank notes that do not have this?
  4. And where exactly is this stated in the IMF papers or on the CBI website?
  5. Back in the Saddam days before the Dinar was devalued, it was worth over $3 USD. With all of the issues that lead to the Dinar being devalued now resolved and also taking in account the inflation the world has experienced within that time period, wouldn't it only make sense for this Dinar to RV to above that $3 mark now?
  6. Hi guys, I just saw this post on Dinardetectives, what are your thoughts? sandyf The real danger in a redenomination is the ability to exchange. Once the redenomination has taken place it would normal for the old currency to only be exchanged in country. In a redenomination a new currency would be created which would become the international code. The old currency retains its code and as such would not be recognised by international banks…dinarland’s worst nightmare. [Maybe dealers would still exchange it for big profits.] That is a distinct possibility, they did it with the 50 dinar notes.
  7. Wow very interesting stuff, this could definitely be a sign of something big!
  8. Isn't this really good news? Because if they aren't making money off the currency auctions they will be forced to reinstate the currency?
  9. Thank you for the information, it is great to hear this from someone who is actually in Iraq!! Can you confirm if the Dinar is currently 1 to 1 in country like everyone keeps saying it is?
  10. I agree, and surely it's really not that hard to find an Iraqi person to ask some questions to in comparison to how much research is going into validating this RV of the dinar. I recently added a few Iraqi people and businesses on Facebook and asked them a few questions and most of the answers were quite disappointing to say the least. They were all completely oblivious to the ATM machines in the country being loaded with lower denominations and none of them were aware of an RV of their currency. Only 1 person advised me that the CBI is in talks of dropping the 3 zeros and possibly returning the currency to its former glory, but even this person told me you can't be too sure about anything with Iraq and he reckons they usually like to do these things close to the election anyway.
  11. Butifldrm, yes I saw that twitter post too, it appears to be from the official Iraqi government twitter account.
  12. I would really love to find out what the real go is with this Iraqi Dinar that everybody keeps saying is going to RV. I have been following this for the last 2 years and I am getting sick to death of all the repetitive posts that keep popping up on dinardetective and another site from a lot of the regulars saying that the RV is set to happen in a couple of days. I have real life friends who are into the Iraqi Dinar as well and they claim to have some sources that confirm the Dinar has already RV'd in country..... so I added a few Iraqi's on Facebook recently and asked them if the country is going through an exchange rate change at the moment and most of them replied with no. One person said it is true but failed to clarify further. What is all this hoo-ha really about? Is the Iraqi dinar every going to RV and what started this rumour?
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