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  1. The situation in Iran is the my opinion.
  2. The problem is Iran, until that situation is resolved there will be no RV. Iraq historically was an Arab Sunni check point against Persian Shiites.
  3. Amigo, el burro sabe mas que tu! OKIE is a very derogatory term popularized by John Steinbeck's 1930's GRAPES OF WRATH. My forefathers have been in Oklahoma since the 1830's; relocated from our ancestral home in southeast Georgia.
  4. gregp......................"Okie Hills" You must live in California, that is where all the Okies live. I am a proud OKLAHOMAN!
  5. I believe Iran is the key. There will not be an RV as long as the hostile regime in Iran remains in power. The Iranians hold a tremendous amount of dinars; an RV would give them a full treasury to finance terrorism across the region.
  6. Money is strong, it is a force for good and evil; I pray for a peaceful bountiful life, I know it is God's plan. "For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and NOT to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11 Tuscanugee
  7. How much good will result as our prayers are answered? Family and self taken care of then many worthy causes.
  8. Wooden nickles? Come on; at least offer some beads or other pretty trinkets!
  9. Buffalo dung? Close, but no cigar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I am Native American...maybe they are talking about real Indians from India; because this Oklahoma red man hasn't seen a red cent! By the way does anyone know what we really smoke in our peace pipes?
  11. The rumor section is the primary reason I visit this site. I know they are unverified what, if you don't like it take Adam's advice above!
  12. Theseus, My experience and knowledge is not nearly as in-depth as yours, however, I too had the benefit of knowing and working with "apostates" and I had great trust and respect for the Coptic Christian Egyptian engineers I worked with. I learned a great deal from them.
  13. Very Interesting...thanks. I spent the better part of two years, as a civilian contractor, in Kuwait after the first Gulf war and your analysis is very similar to the conclusions I formed from my "boots on the ground experience".
  14. This does not mean anything. I was in Kuwait for two years as a civilian contractor after the first Gulf War. Kuwaiti banks would not accept worn US currency for exchange. The money changers on the street had no such problem.
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