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  1. I am a vip and I moved. I lost my certification of the vip in a move. How can I get another copy of the proof of the vip. My name is Jan Fancher. Thank you.
  2. Thanks to all the good people in here. Your a good man Adam. Janfan
  3. The only thing to say is THANK YOU, also prayers are being sent your way.
  4. Deep East Texas--Nacogdoches
  5. Just signing in, my name is Jan and I live in East Texas, trying to stay updated like everyone else on this site. Thanks to everyone for all they do.
  6. I know many of us feel the same as you, but you said it so beautiful all I can do is say Ditto and GOD bless you.
  7. I was very blessed to come into money quickly and everything Bama states is true. Be very carefully, I did most of the things Bama suggested and it has gone well. It will be a blessing to us all.
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