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  1. Ha what a great start to the weekend..just feel like the little baby steps they have been taking is starting to turn into a jog...let's cross that finish line soon!
  2. madisonjar

    Every post is hidden

    Thank you so much, I thought maybe I did something wrong, but I totally understand as well!!! Have a wonderful night
  3. Why is everyone of my posts but one hidden needing to be approved? they never get approved and I dont know why, any help would be much appreciated, thank you!
  4. I hope to have as many holidays as they have once they get their money situated to a better rate for me
  5. 143 teenth? sorry had to do it it bothered me.
  6. could they be switching it over to that backpage cbi website that they have had up and running for a while? I would think if they are doing that without updating the mapping or whatever (since its redirecting to that page) it could be freaking out our computers thinking its being redirected away from the page its suppose to be at?
  7. madisonjar

    CBI NEWS AUGUST 28 2018

    Determine Their Direction is hopefully translated to Raise their value

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