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  1. So talking to my buddy Patsfan...what if this is a head fake too, maybe there is some coinage in there as well and not just bills, wouldnt that be nice...I am excited about this news dont get me wrong, but I will be really excited when coins are thrown into the mix as well!!!
  2. Quick question at today’s rates which city has the higher value currency kunara or iqd? Even though kunara has no economy surely a coin is worth more then .00084 right
  3. Maybe the gazette website will magically start working again after this is step make that ten percent worth some money and purchasing power
  4. Okay can someone break this down how is this good for the iraqi dinar we hold? How does this play into iraq/iran relations etc?
  5. Iraqi phase /fāz/ (noun) (measure of time)- A time period lasting from 1 hour to a lifetime..see also soon .
  6. Your morning wake up call of this article wasnt enough to get you going you still need coffee, lol
  7. it looks to have started on the 7th to 8th. I know it went down in value it’s just crazy all these news stories/ things happening.
  8. Wait when did the exchange rate go kinda crazy on xe, wasnt it around the 5th or 6th? wonder if these two things are related or just coincedence
  9. That last pic reminds me of a automatic dog feeder.
  10. Can we second that motion? I mean we are shareholders in iraqs economy correct? if we all vote together does it count? just wondering. lol
  11. I will admit I havent been around long but this is the most activity I have seen from you down here, coupled with all the good news lately gives one the feeling that something is near.
  12. 6ly410 is adams burner account lol, sorry hahaha (just poking fun 6ly410 thanks for all your news and stuff you have been bringing)
  13. Drill only after Iraq gets the money they need to RV, hopefully all this finding oil puts pressure on them to push the switch earlier rather then later
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