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  1. That last pic reminds me of a automatic dog feeder.
  2. Can we second that motion? I mean we are shareholders in iraqs economy correct? if we all vote together does it count? just wondering. lol
  3. madisonjar

    Harmonization of customs tariff

    I am sure Luigi will let us know the rate we’ll in advance lol.
  4. madisonjar

    Barzani meets with Mahdi re: HCL (?)

    I will admit I havent been around long but this is the most activity I have seen from you down here, coupled with all the good news lately gives one the feeling that something is near.
  5. 6ly410 is adams burner account lol, sorry hahaha (just poking fun 6ly410 thanks for all your news and stuff you have been bringing)
  6. Drill only after Iraq gets the money they need to RV, hopefully all this finding oil puts pressure on them to push the switch earlier rather then later
  7. I know one way for them to have a decent living (well them and me!) Happy New years dinarvets
  8. It was in its own thread and then moved here. I am new here but I have lost track of a lot of articles as they get consolidated down pretty quick. I understand the need to keep things nice and tidy but man things move so quick here some days it looks like no posts are made when really everything has been consolidated.
  9. Oh boy this is my heart rate up a little here as I know Adam always said when this passes look for everything else to fall REALLY quickly...come on boys lets get it done!!! Thanks 6ly410...maybe they need to install a HAHA like button just for you. Edit:Newbie mistake there is a haha in there, well done sir.
  10. instead of promising future I cant wait to the article says promising present..and look its Christmas time I am expecting some nice presents this year.
  11. Ha what a great start to the weekend..just feel like the little baby steps they have been taking is starting to turn into a jog...let's cross that finish line soon!
  12. madisonjar

    Every post is hidden

    Thank you so much, I thought maybe I did something wrong, but I totally understand as well!!! Have a wonderful night
  13. Why is everyone of my posts but one hidden needing to be approved? they never get approved and I dont know why, any help would be much appreciated, thank you!
  14. I hope to have as many holidays as they have once they get their money situated to a better rate for me
  15. 143 teenth? sorry had to do it it bothered me.

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