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  1. Thanks Adam:

    I typically don't comment/respond/question your updates and appreciate them very much.  I do have a question however.  I am of the opinion that the Iraq budgetary figure for oil is very important.  When I look at the sources of daily (some delayed) oil prices, there are numbers of quotes: West Texas Intermediate (WTI) Crude Oil (NYMEX) at $37.71, Brent Crude (ICE) $40.50, Opec Basket $40.29, Basra Light $41.76, Basra Heavy $40.12.   So I think I see that you use the NTMEX number.  Why wouldn't Iraq use the Basra Light/Basra Heavy number for sale of their oil.  It may be the difference between ask and bid.  Iraq may ask the Basra numbers, but they're only going to get the NTMEX numbers.  Any enlightenment would be appreciated...thanks, Phantom Phlyer


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