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  1. Hi Adam, What are your thoughts regarding what the minimum amount of dinar you should have if you are going after contract rates?
  2. Hi, What have you heard about the contract rate? Does anyone know what minimum amount we should have to go after the rate?
  3. Hi Adam, Last week I upgraded to platinum vip, paid the balance of my corp, paid for the corp vip and paid for 2 OGIT deposits. I spent a pretty penny to get it all done before the RV. I sent a support ticket asking if all 3 the certificates (platinum vip n both OGIT) can be overnighted instead of 3 to 5 day FedEx. The response was I'd get an email with a tracking number. I got it but it was still 3 to 5 days with a 7/21 delivery date. That sucks because all those certificates included a shipping charge and I feel it should have been overnighted since
  4. Hi Adam, I had a few questions regarding a cash in strategy, it's a hypothetical since I believe you dont think other currencies are going to RV. Im holding a large amount of Dong in addition to my Dinar. My intention is to cash the Dong in asap since my sources say it will just RV but not rise in value like many believe the dinar is going to. I will then reinvest it and buy more Dinar and ride the wave of speculation and cash out at the peak to make that spread. My questions: 1. Can I gift my Dong to my IBC? 2. If
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