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  1. You are in my prayers. This RV will help multitudes of people. I am in Houston and we desperately need rain too. Let's stand in agreement for each state to receive rain today.
  2. From what I have read that you all have posted, it is quite clear that you have NEVER read your bible. he is wanting to turn America into a socialist country, or does that not bother you either, to take away your freedom.
  3. Hi, I just called the bank in Florida, and spoke with a very nice lady. She said lots of people are calling and the rate is still the same. They donot have a de la rue machine, and donot know what it is. They do sell the dinar.
  4. Thanks, Medic.....I sure hope so. What have you heard in regards to the Vietnam dong?
  5. What a great way to give thanks to all our military.......scholarship would be great.
  6. Hi Ron, Welcome aboard. Any new news?
  7. Adam, thank you for the information......i appreciate all you are doing.
  8. #10 I made it......I appreciate all of your information and want to go to the chat room THANKS YOU ADAM
  9. #8 almost there.... I am out of town, and really want in the chat room. We had a death in our family and I am traveling....
  10. #7... This is my favorite number.....How are you Adam? I am ready for a good report.
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