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  1. Ron, I am curious, is it your feeling that the exchange rate is hidden in the info you post? Will it suddenly show up there? I appreciate it.
  2. This is great news. Let's go ahead and give them the green light to RV.
  3. Can someone explain why we mix so many different news topics into one thread?? Thanks
  4. There are a number of videos above. Which video should we watch please?
  5. Ok, thanks Adam. I thought I was on an auto payment. I will look for your Christmas special, about time I went full force into this!
  6. I am a VIP member. I have never seen ads on my iPhone before this week.
  7. Why am I seeing ads? Normally I do not see them.
  8. It would be nice to hear what AM thinks of all the recent news on the HCL.
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