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  1. absolutely total shi what a load of bolloc= ffs,luigi i used to laugh to myself now your just as bad as who your posting,no disrespect luigi but get a grip man,everyone makes a mistake but only fools persist.
  2. just amended it,i wrote 50,000 but i meant 25,000s, ive never seen a 50,000 sorry guys.
  3. yes they will be the new polymer notes that most countries are now renewing,paper notes carry so many germs.
  4. This is the best site for no bull ****,honest and genuine information taken from factual information,whoever you are i love to see your weekly report,MR.AM keep on keeping it real,we all try our hardest in life and me im now nearly 62 yrs of age been in this since 2005 or 2006 i forget,bought my 1st million from ebay in bits and bats,then i was sucked in the more i kept reading about the dinar,and im sure most of a lot of people were,and i do believe i have some counterfeit ones amongst them,IE different sizes in the 50,000 notes,not a problem the rest i bought from my bank in the uk natwest ,
  5. and a big thank you from me too all the news hounds and mr montana.
  6. This is stating $10,000 dollars or the equilavent of 100,000 iqd then surely that works out at 10 cents per dinar, just my opinion. im not trying to read too much into this.
  7. 1st off thank you for the email,no bull **** on here,even luigi only posts what others say<,bless him> but we all still read what he posts,and ronscarpa brings up the rest,thank you both,nobody has too read the posts but they do and still you get the moaners,my question you have contacts or banks that you have sorted or know of,if it does revalue or RI or float that will save me money in england on the spread or tax,if so i will join the VIP,thank you for this site and allowing me to be a silent member.
  8. would like to say happy new year too everyone on this site and hoping that this 1st quarter,brings all that you have been waiting for.
  9. i dont say much but i truly appreciate this site,and all of you people that make it a good site,so thank you all for everything,i am heavily invested in this toilet paper,im from england but i live in spain,i am a residential park owner and im not stupid with money,i count my pennies and save,this is just another money earning for my kids and grand children,i took the plunge in 2005 and if it comes off i can help so many people out that i love and people i dont know,men that have been to iraq and afghanistan and elsewhere for the british army now living on the streets in england so sad,serving
  10. if you type in the FBI search bar IRAQI DINAR it states that article was 3 years ago,just putting that out there.
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