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  1. Actually, I don't need one either. The difference between you and I is that you, like a junior high kid learning new big words, feels they need to use them in order to feel intellectually superior. I on the other hand have a prodigious vocabulary, yet I don't need to try and jam them all in to one sentence to stroke my ego. You received the ruby from me because of your arrogance towards others. You are no smarter or better than anyone on this board. Go back to for mom's basement and enjoy your hot pockets.
  2. You sure love to break out that thesaurus to try and boost your perceived intelligence level. Nice try! 😂
  3. Oh, you can't hurt me. Funny your arogance brings you to that conclusion. You truly suffer from the Dunning-Kruger effect.
  4. I can tell you first hand that the sharpie thing in AZ and votes not being counted is real. My mom and step dad went to vote in person and were told to trade their pens in for shapies. Neither one of their votes have been counted. My dad mailed his in and was not counted. I have 3 other family members that mailed in and have not had their votes counted. Several others I know have votes uncounted in their families. All the above mentioned voted for Trump. This is in Maricopa County. Since the sharpie thing here in AZ is definitely a real thing, I'm sure most of these oth
  5. Good. Tim is one of the few honest, unbiased journalists around.
  6. I gave Kristi a laughing emoji because that video of the lady freaking out while driving was hilarious. Nice try.
  7. So I see that since they can't find your neighborhood, it's okay that they continue their violence unchecked?
  8. This is terrible. If the victims fight back, they'll be railroaded. Just like those Proud Boys in New York. Stay out of those commie states. Let their society implode on it's own.
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