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  1. I have been looking into crypto’s and it makes sense that something like xrp could help facilitate cross border transfer of money as it relates to this investment . Have we been waiting for the world to move into crypto’s? There has been a ton of progress into this field. Just my thoughts
  2. As long as we have been on this ride I’m surprised u haven’t worn a hole clear thru that hammock by now LB ! 😎
  3. I remember an article that said they were shooting for 1000 Iqd to The dollar but the article disappeared anyone remember this
  4. Hasn't the official exchange rate stayed fixed already? 1190 seems like for as long as I have Been in this 71/2 years
  5. Apri fools joke possibly ?? Remember when we would see the articles that Maliki was Assasinated on April 1st? They sure have a weird sense of humor!
  6. Is it just me or does it seem like they have had about 96 tons for years now could have swore I saw something saying they had about this much years ago anyone remember this?
  7. As far as I know this is quite a few years old. I think dinar trade was bought out by GID. Interesting that it was on cnn tho
  8. I always thought sale of foreign currencies referred to auctions or more towards the dollar exchange
  9. When They removed zeros from their currency did it add purchasing power to it? And how did it effect its worth compared to the dollar? And by “level playing field” does this mean a currency that is not manipulated down but reflects the worth of what? GDP?assets?demand for said currency?stocks? Just thinking out loud.
  10. Makes me wonder if our “older” dinar notes will be accepted when it comes time to cash in
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