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  1. I would guess that "Iraq Department at the Emirates Research Center, " whatever that is doesnt have the whole picture. At least I hope not. By that same token I wouldnt look for this tomorrow, but would love it. Sounds like meetings start tomorrow in DC but other articles have had the primary meetings with senior leadership as happening somewhere between the 7-10th. We should have a better idea by the end of next week.
  2. "These measures must be taken quickly at the internal level, while the external level will become clear after the visit of the Iraqi delegation to negotiate with the American side on the 10th of February." A new date, to me anyways, thrown out of the 10th? This is multiple articles now using verbiage along the lines of "everything will be made clear" "all will be revealed when" etc regarding this upcoming meeting in DC
  3. Agree, and even they did they put the dinar at 3.48 what were really concerned with is what the exchange rate would be between the new dinar and the series we hold. Obviously we hope it will all be treated the same but that is too be determined.
  4. So there is for sure a delegation visiting Washington to talk about the dinar rate on Feb 7th. What is in debate it seems is whether or not Sudani is going? Im thinking next week we'll get some answers and Sudani will be in DC.
  5. the visit of a delegation on the 7th of next month to America." saleh had said the budget will be passed in February. Seems like things are lined up for action.
  6. Thanks, read this one before but missed that word together. Hope this guy is right. Seems like something is happening
  7. I’ve seen many articles saying they both will be sent in this parliament session which goes months until their next break but I haven’t seen any explicitly say the budget and hcl will be voted on together, or sent to parliament together at the same time. Hope I’m wrong though. It would make sense to do the hcl first or together with the budget law if they’re serious since the hcl will set the Kurds share of the budget
  8. Thanks Yota. For those reading dinarvets and getting an education on the Middle East through the bush, Obama, trump and now Biden admins you’ll recognize this guy Brett McGurk has been there as our point man through all of them. If there was a grand long dinar plan he’d be a main character 🤷‍♂️
  9. Same. They've used the budget allocations as a work around to not have the hcl for years. Every year dinarland celebrates the hcl is in the budget when in fact its not. Its seems like this year theyre saying the right things and at least saying for now that they donet need to fight over the budget because the oil and gas law supersedes it. If we see them start to fight over the budget allocations and put that in parliament without the hcl Id say this is hot air.
  10. So are they really going to release a 20k note now or is there more to this?
  11. If the articles hold up he is not, he is nominating Sudani who was the compromise candidate from Maliki's coalition. Im of the opinion any seated gov is better than no seated gov but so far Id say this looks like Sadrs attempts at dramatic reforms were a waste of time. I dont think the gov holds the keys to whatever the cbi will do so as I said, any gov is better than a vacuum and civil war.
  12. Correct me if I’m wrong, been a bit tuned out but isn’t Sudani who this guy is letting try to form the next gov as PM the Shiite that Malikis group has put forward and sadr has said no way? What gives now?
  13. According to the comments beneath the video the uk is simply canceling old paper 20 and50 pound notes which have long been replaced with polymer notes. Synthetic materials harder to counterfeit and anti microbial etc. nothing to do with digital currency
  14. Sounds good. "Fundemental reforms...that would create the desired development" sounds a lot like he is saying the white paper reforms will increase the dinars purchasing power but at the same time they have no plans to move it back to the 1200 rate they had before. Bring on these fundemental financial and economic reforms please.
  15. Zimbawe announced they will sell gold coins, 1 troy ounce. Thats not backing their currency with gold and certainly no one is going to be using 1 ounce gold coins for anything other than saving.
  16. It’s interesting that he’s doing these both on the same trip. Saudi (Sunni) and Iran (Shiite) cooperation with regional currency incoming?
  17. I mean, I hope youre right but them being very clear on them needing the hcl is an lol for anyone that has been following this for several years. They say one thing and then turn around and do anything they can to keep the status quo of selling oil out the back door. You really think Barzani wants an hcl passed? Im hoping the federal court has teeth on this but as always Im skeptical yet optimistic.
  18. Interesting. Hard for me to decipher the arabish but anyone seeing confirmation Iran is changing their rate? An Iraqi article now alluding to it as well? Should be big news
  19. There are close meetings in Baghdad, which will be after the blessed Eid Al-Fitr, sounds good, one more week of Ramadan then maybe some action?
  20. I don’t disagree on frank but Brent crude is around 118 as I type this? Could continue to rocket up with more and bigger war, or could drop some with announcement of Iranian oil entering more markets.
  21. Because its not like that at all. The mid-east has been chopped up and country lines redrawn many times. Iran is a shiite dominated country and Iraq is one of the only other shiite majority countries in the mideast. Many muslims consider themselves of their religious tribe well before any kind of patriotic tribe. Like it or not Iran and Iraq will be connected in some way as long as Islam is alive and well.
  22. Nice article. Yes Iraq, lets see the new economy asap.
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