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  1. I believe they are talking about a general war on terror bill which also originated in 03 and is being used in regions like Ukrain now. But bills go house then senate so the Iraq war declaration was revoked just this last spring and is done
  2. It happened last march
  3. Sorry premature post, also began after 911 in 2002.
  4. Hmm, I thought this was old news. Confusing when I googled it. Lots of articles from march saying senate passed a bill to end it then regarding Iraq. Think that’s done already. I think what they’re debating now is the general “war on terror’ bill which Iraq was part of and also began after i11
  5. If the tenth day of Muharram al-Haram is a federal holiday we really need Super Bowl Monday.
  6. Muharram al-Haram Is the first month of the Islamic calendar right? So day off for tenth day of first month?
  7. Remember Kazemi and the white paper to reforms followed by an election and in ordinate amount of time (more than was legal I think) to form a new government. Remember when they finally did form a coalition and told us part of the arrangement was the stuck laws including the hcl will be passed within 6 months? I don’t know what’s binding but here we are…crunch time
  8. Considering these remarks are made at “a workshop on the strategy of joining the wto” I’d say not quite done.
  9. Thanks Yota, interesting read with my going international with a higher rate goggles on.
  10. Every single time they’ve passed a budget there has been an agreement on how oil revenues will be handled since they still don’t have the hcl passed. This one is no different except this one is a three year budget with lots of rebuilding Iraq baked in. We’re yet to see if that’s good enough for them to cement these agreements into law beyond expiring budget laws with the hcl now being voted on. They’re talking a good game which is typical.
  11. It’s literally the president of Kenya talking about a new system there, in Kenya. Of course we’re hopeful this is a global change and our timing in Iraq is similar but you’re not even making sense.
  12. I would add it’s the president of Kenya speaking. He says first that those holding dollars are going to experience losses, I think implying the Kenyan shilling will be increasing in value vs the usd. He also says that Kenyan fuel companies will no longer be buying energy in dollars but instead Kenyan shillings. Now imagine countries no longer need dollars to buy oil from Mideast countries but instead have to deal directly with their currencies. What happens to the value of the usd? We could be in for some very turbulent times but it also may be the of our wait on the dinar
  13. Great stuff. Maybe this multipolar world financial system where the dollar isn’t the universal chit is about to hit with start of the second quarter.
  14. What is unique about ripple? It can settle cross border payments for little cost instantly? So could many proof of stake blockchains, that’s the beauty of the invention of blockchain. Proof of stake to me just means you have consolidated power group, the owners so to speak, who validate the transaction as legitimate. Ripple uses some obfuscation language in my opinion “proof of consensus’ just like the current swift system uses the same language to pretend a consortium of banks gets to manage it and decide who can use it but everyone knows the power is ultimately consolidated with the us gov and enforcement is at the end of real power, the US military. Maybe I’m missing something? Maybe some countries will choose to use ripple for some reason and you’ll make a good return but it’ll just be dressing up the old system in new tech.
  15. Complicated subject and I appreciate your view. It doesnt matter who created bitcoin or ultimately what happens to the 1 million coins the creator still sits on. Its a protocol and it has a giant head start, there is no other pow ledger that can catch its lead in terms of decentrilization. I saw this tweet yesterday, its a scene from a movie that I have not seen but it might as well be this exact converstation were having. There is a reason xrp always seems to have a seat at the table.
  16. I would be too and imo that’s the problem with a private company like ripple. If countries and institutions can be kicked off swift and have to beg to use it the same thing can happen with anything controlled by man, it’s not truly decentralized, it’s basically swift but on blockchain. That’s why imo there is bitcoin and then everything else. We’ll see, interesting times
  17. Jmo and I like hearing yours but imo when it comes to ripple the emperor has no clothes, completely illogical that sovereign states would use a blockchain for bank to bank settlements that’s a private company. They’ll make their own. Again jmo and it’s a complicated subject but imo when it comes to crypto there’s bitcoin and there’s scams with marketing schemes. I’m sure there’ll be use cases for various proof of stake or hybrid cryptos like ripple but not as money, or in this case a means to move money. Fednow will be operational this summer, it won’t be ripple or any other private company whether xrp is classified a security or not.
  18. I have read about the quantum computing race and tried to understand quantum computing the best I can. There is nothing on the government website about a financial system run by quantum computers. I understand that it is a big concern that someday someone could build a big enough quantum computer that it could theoretically break any encryption. Its obviously a national security imperative to study such an emerging field and make sure we are leading. I can see nothing beyond interntet rumor though regarding the qfs. Im open to it, I also understand why some of these rumors exist if they arent true but Im not getting why anyone would express certainty about this.
  19. Was announced today that Fednow, the feds new blockchain system will be launched in July. Not sure how this fits into this rumored “quantum fs “
  20. We've been fed bs and kept in the dark on any real negotiations. The previous theatre of arguing over 17-14% or whatever and then accusing the other side of not doing that anyways is out the window. If now is the time to move Iraq to normalization real numbers will emerge. I also believe, just guessing, that the 12.6% number we're seeing is the real bottom line in the hcl.
  21. Bumping this rumor thread, not endorsing it. With the 15-20th being rumored date for many new banking systems, all rumors, yet we sit on the precipice of what looks like a bank run with billions of realized losses on banks books and a fed wanting to hike more. Is this the week?
  22. Same thing, it’s J.P. Morgan chase. I was also just thinking out loud that they were announced as the hub or facilitator for future yuan/dinar settlements, thanks!
  23. I believe there were articles during the dc visit indicating chase was going to be facilitating trade between china and Iraq settled in their own currencies. Not sure how that fits in here but interesting stuff happening
  24. Remember that article from a few to several weeks ago, I believe it was a Kurd speaking, that said the federal budget wont be disputed this year because it is based on the hcl law and the kurds helped write it along with baghdad? Arguing about the percentage to the kurds is a non-hcl law work around that we've seen for years now. If the hcl is done this is all theater.
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