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  1. Yep..we want to see the link...if true Luigi deserve a big reward ( after tons of rumors.LOL!
  2. Sorry help anymore..RV and everything will be better...:)
  3. Thanks Rochester...I like the way you and others think out of the make sense how you explain the real made my day !! No other option Iraq.. RV 1:1 to start ...
  4. obtaining creditworthiness??? ...first RV 1 =1 and forget all that bs and stupid theories! ....for years all of them have been a bunch of bastards good for nothing !..
  5. We can't deny the Vatican is in progress...first pederast sexy nuns that can be on playboy cover...long life Mr pope ..
  6. !! Definitely and maybe something more !! Ha ha !!
  7. No dinar dream for me now but I'll check my crystal ball to see what it says ..LOL !
  8. Holy S..! What those bunch of idiots is FIRST stop pervert auctions and give DINAR real and honest RV ..also to put in jail those corrupts ..give people freedom Mahdi is fearful of his insanians bros and he does not have the balls to put in order all that s..t !!
  9. ¡¡¡¡ WARNING¡¡¡ ...Luigi u r crossing the limit ¡¡¡
  10. Thanks a lot LB I always read and enjoy your posts they really make sense to me.. dinar has a bright future ( former glory ? ) on the other side I see insanians in despair making crazy moves on their currency like if they were in a rat trap..sanctions are really working on that fanatic and evil governtment .....Iraq will be a great nation thanks God and US ..dinar RV will be a reality ..I hope so and pray for that..the will of God never will be frustrated... blessing to everybody in DV and keep your faith ¡ ..
  11. This is the only hope to destroy maliki & gang...and when he find them ....HASTA LA VISTA BABY ¡¡¡¡ lol ¡¡¡¡
  12. Mine r uncirculated too ..sometimes i take a few of them..i love that special crispy feel on my fingers...i open wide my eyes and my dreams go beyond of this world¡¡¡ heck¡ ¡¡..feeling happy for a moments doesnt hurt..he he ¡ ...happy sunday everybody dv ..
  13. Strong and noisy winds blowing hard against this vicious and corrupt practice .. CBI has to stop this and rv the dinar inmediately .. no other choice ...waiting for the best in our investment ..
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