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  1. So my question is when this pops instead of paying the taxes on it could I just transfer it to my coinbase account lol
  2. Man I hop this thing finally pops, would be perfect timing with trying to get my keep off the drugs campaign in my area, turtle mountain style lol
  3. Tony2Toes

    New CBI Announcement 08/06/2017

    Hey I recent that lol
  4. With Iraq politisions being as corrupt as they are greedy, you would think that the golden story of the century would be worth it's weight in dinars to a journalist wanting first dibs
  5. Been in this thing for ten years watching and reading all your all's post and comments and today I'm finally going to participate and say I've enjoyed all the ups and downs this ride has gone through and just to throw out my two cents if this thing really is a biblical event then I'm calling for it to be around sep 23 2017. Thank you all for every day of enjoyment with my morning coffee and nightly shot lol go rv
  6. So who exactly is footin the bill and what currency will it be paid in lol

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