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  1. Bon Scott before AC/DC .....
  2. Bon Scott before AC/DC .....
  3. correct ... vietnam has struggled with high inflation forever it seems here is a chart starting in 1960 the closest the vietnam currency got to the usd was about 100 to 1 usd .. cheers Year USD Exchange rate 1960 97 1970 410 1980 2,050 1990 6,500 2000 14,428 2010 19,495 2020 23,173
  4. can't forget the entire time dealing with bogus charges and an ignorant impeachment trial wasting huge amounts of taxpayer money and slowing progress for the american citizens ,, what a wacked out mess its been so maybe if those who hated trump get their political swamp creatures back in washington absolutely nothing that helps america for 4 years will be accomplished again , if 4 years was spent trying to remove trump , biden should be a cakewalk for pelosi , schiff and nadler with his china corruption baggage in tow , shouldn't waste near as much taxpayer money .
  5. Scorpions - No One Like You
  6. Bon Scott with the bag pipe! Dude was on another level! R.I.P
  7. welp at least we're ( I'm ) not the only one(s) that know the iqd doesn't have its real value .. letsroll
  8. I've heard that if its a in country only iqd exchange Okie is booking / chartering flights for all dinar holders , only catch is his plane never lands but parachutes will be provided upon request for a nominal fee .................. levity ... cheers dv'ers
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