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  1. I hear "Gurus" saying the budget has nothing to do with the RI. I know, they are as knowledgeable as a three year old. I have news for them, the budget is the poster for corruption. This will be kicked around for some time. No RI will take place without it. Not saying its in the budget, because its not. Please IraSo, sit back and relax. The BS from the "Gurus" will continue on and on...

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  2. Please! You cannot read this and say your shocked. This is what they do. They will continue to kick the can down the road,. So, in the coming days when you read articles stating that they have an agreement to pass the budget, don't get excited. It's what they do. How many articles have been out there regarding the HCL law? Yet, nothing. Don't give me that once they pass the budget, the HCL will be passed as well. Welcome to political corruption in Iraq, and in this disgusting place we call America. What a disgrace we've become. As the soap opera continues on...

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