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  1. In 2019 he was appointed the Chairman of the Monetary Policy Committee of the British Central Bank.
  2. Frank must think these citizens are as dumb as a bunch of rocks if they need this much time educating them on the currency…
  3. Although you’ll never see our country 100% “united” it was certainly a great deal more united than it is today on 9/11/01. That’s the closest I’ve seen in my lifetime.
  4. So is he saying that, all along, the only thing that’s been holding this up has been corruption..? I hope this plan pans out and they move it along.
  5. Me too. I’m going to drive over to my bank right now and wait in the parking lot in my car. 😑
  6. Wow! If they (whoever ordered the drones…🥔?) didn’t believe he was going to continue as PM, why would they bother to try to assassinate him..?
  7. On the optimistic side, I’d take a January 2023 RV over “never gonna happen” 😁🤞🏻
  8. 👍🏻😁 I think these gurus picked up on the information that was reported YEARS ago (by Shabibi maybe?) that just before the RV there would be an “education campaign” for the citizens. Since then, they have jumped on every bit of info from the CBI as part of the “education” process to imply the RV was eminent.
  9. Awesome NEP! All of my thoughts exactly! Thanks for the info and the validation 😁 👍🏻
  10. I say this every year but… yeah! The new year works for me!!
  11. Maybe this is what’s needed in Iraq. There are so many political parties and so much bickering and walk-outs leading to a lack of quorum in the past that nothing of any importance gets accomplished. I’m hoping something improves …
  12. Thanks @yota691! Yes, it looks like they still have work to do … Funny, a year ago they were saying they’d be in the WTO “in early 2021” 🤷🏻‍♀️
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