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  1. slapant

    9 Everyday Symbols You Didn’t Know The Meaning Of

    How do you find these cool videos?
  2. slapant


    Crossing my fingers, hoping that it won't happen anytime soon even though the signs are visible
  3. slapant

    For Newly Married Couples

    Thank you all for giving me so much insight. We'll power through this together, rest assured. :)
  4. slapant

    Eating Healthy Is Hard

    Curry was a surname. -That made me laugh.
  5. slapant

    Home improvements

    Someday I want to build a cabin too.
  6. slapant

    Too conscious

    Thank you.
  7. slapant

    For Newly Married Couples

    This is great to know. Couples need to make major decisions together. I want everything to be okay because I don't want to spend on couples counseling.. I heard it is expensive.
  8. slapant

    For Newly Married Couples

    My husband and I just got married last month. We are having some issues about financial matters. How can we work on this together? I don't want to have major problems in our relationship since we are just starting new.
  9. slapant

    Selling my dinar

    This thread is starting to become interesting. Thanks for the information added.
  10. I'll let my friend know about this. He might be interested.
  11. slapant

    Cop Helps Homeless man get a job

    I have watched the video and I actually love it. Faith in humanity restored!
  12. Well, that was interesting. His words actually got me into thinking about the truth/lie concerning the "moon landing".
  13. What? I didn't know this happened until I came across your post. Thanks for the link.
  14. slapant

    Nirvana - Where Did You Sleep Last Night

    This is included in my list of favorites. I love it!!
  15. He just keeps on doing it. We'll never know until we can see the results of his actions.

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