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  1. Soooooo want to be excited about this. Been so many false flags and hopes and articles and promises over the years. Can we all imagine if THIS would actually be it? What a time to be alive! Go RV! 👊 😎
  2. It sure seems like a juicy time for the dinar. You all know more than me, but I was talking with some other dinarians this morning and we all thought this was an interesting time for sure. Would Iraq be concerned about the situation in Afghanistan? Would this push them harder to RV? Seems that the politicians would either be running for their lives, or running to cash out before things get ugly. Not sure where everyone stands, but it sure feels like something good is brewing.... #GoRV
  3. 👊🤑 good to hear from you.
  4. maybe this means they'll have some money soon that someone would actually want to take?
  5. we know Joe built a lot of houses over there a few years back, maybe he's cutting a new deal? It's the only time I'd pull for him to get something done. Go RV!
  6. Bought from Ali in Bakersfield in 2009. Remember watching the rolling chats every night with Med, Mailman and others. It was always sooooo close to RV! 😛🤣🤣
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