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  1. I've been in this since 06 and never posted but check in weekly. I've been disappointed with blowback on O's speech. Those that seem to think we're not a great nation, we've become insignificant. Not sure where those folks live but all I see is what makes us great. It's the people and our way of life, foggy lately but it will always be the people that make us a force to be recond with. I'm a vet and traveled abroad quit a bit and there is nothing like us anywhere. Hate to open the door for political bashing. I agree with the words and was what I thought before spoken. Right or left I hope the knee jerk reaction to to our safety, that I would argue is right up there with chances of being killed in a plane crash, being threatened Put thought into the big pitcher and yourself in our militaries boots before keeping the need to send our sons and daughters to fight, as the sound bite to rally around.... Let it go for options that region should, with help, find a solution for..... Bash away..... I know nothing he says will ever be right for many and for reasons I personally know to be as simple as race..... Pull back, were safe.... Breath.... It's starting to be hip to rally around radical ideas that in Spirit our grandparents fought to destroy.... Our whole will always hold weight in world affairs as righteous values are power....
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