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  1. I cannot believe that after 9 years with this investment, that people still believe that "Chapter 7", when referring to Iraq, has anything to do with Bankruptcy. Chapter 7 is the number of one sanction impossed on Iraq. One of many. How anyone could think that Iraq would be afforded protection from creditors by using American Laws is preposterous. Come on people!!! Go to the U.N. website and view what chapter 7 sanctions are when pertaining to the U.N. Charter. It is at best a coincidence that the numbers are the same.
  2. This idea of trading Dinar for oil has always intrigued me. Our government doesn't buy the oil in this country, the oil companies do. Don't they? Hummm
  3. You have the right to do what you want with your money, but your attempt to influence others to make the same discision is wrong. I purchased my Dinar 8 years ago. If I sold them today, I would make a 425% return on my money(based on what they are going for in the sales section of this website). You are right about investments taking time to produce. I entered this investment with a goal of 10 years to make a profit. I have 2 more years to earn on my investment. It appears to me that you were looking for a "get rich quick scheme", and lost your patience. There aren't too many of those left in the world anymore, but there have been a lot of firsts happening, lately, all over the world. Maybe this will be one of them. I, too, budgeted this money and can afford to lose it if neccesary. I do not see that happening. Good luck to you in the future.
  4. I too am hoping for the " good things come to those who wait", I have been waiting 8 yrs and will keep waiting for as long as it takes. This is 1 year past what I originally thought. Actually I guess not. I anticipated 7-10 yrs. Still in range.
  5. I am a longtime dinar holder (2004). I stop in occassionally to check progress. Gave up on the RV 3 years ago, but still believe the Dinar has to increase dramatically in the future. They are much too properous beyond belief for it not to happen. I have kept the faith in this investment through thick and then. I, too , am fearful for this country's future. But, I agree with Rayzur's statement, "there is only one true King", and He has sustained me through worse times than this. I will keep my Dinar till the end. If you feel that time is your enemy, think of me and many like me. We have been waiting for a very longtime.
  6. I haven't posted in quite a while. The names are all different, but the topics have not changed. 8 years and counting and my patience is still strong. I will cash in with a quickness at .10.
  7. Hi everyone. One of the misunderstandings of Chapter 7, from the very beginning, is that most Americans hear chapter 7 and they think of bankruptcy. This is not that kind of chapter 7 folks. The United Nations has a list of sanctions that they use to keep countries in line. These "sanctions" are referred to as "chapters" with a number attached to them. Iraq was under the control of a number of sanctions that were imposed by the U.N. Chapter 7 Sanctions was only a part of these sanctions. If you go to the U.N.'s website, you can navigate to a section that describes each sanction by chapter and number. For the longest time, I was confused by this also until I realized that Bankruptcy is a priveledge bestowed upon American Citizens when they get into financial trouble. It is a federal section of American law. Iraq doesn't have that priveledge. So I started doing research and found my mistake. It certainly sounds like bankruptcy, but it is not. Hope this helps to clear things up.
  8. Been here with you since 2004 myself. Well, not here at this website since then, but you know what I mean. The only difference between me and most others here is I expected to be here waiting at this time. In fact, I thought it would be more like 15 years before a significant pay-off. You can go back through the archives of this website and see I have always been patiently waiting. I have to admit that a few times the gurus and pumpers got my adrenaline pumping, but the dissappointment, for me, wasn't that great. As soon as I fell back to earth, I was fine. It is good to find another "oldtimer" like myself. Hang in there.
  9. I actually stumbled across the info in a document that I read on the United Nations website, or maybe it was on the IMF's history of nations. Anyway, I agree, it's NOT over till its over. I still have a great feeling about this investment. I look at it this way: The longer it takes to RV the Dinar, the more time that Iraq has to put it's infrastructure back in place. This isn't just about oil. They have Sulpher, Natural Gas deposits, Gold, Silver, and lets not forget the crops they have the potential to export. It is a long ways off from hearing the "fat lady sing" in Iraq. I am just as ready as everyone else for this to be over, but there is an argument to be made for waiting. God bless.
  10. First of all, welcome to the neighborhood. It is really great to have you as our guest and new member. Don't let people of low character ruin your experience here. There are many more good people than bad (that is why you received all the positive marks). Anytime you have a question about "ANYTHING", you ask it. That is why we are here. Again, welcome, hope to hear more from you. Actually, I have seen a reference to 2003 somewhere in the archives, and I have seen sporatic references since 2004 when I first invested. I guess I am learning patience if nothing else.
  11. By "brainfart" are you referring to the date of this article? I didn't notice it either until the end.
  12. The real problem is that they still have not stopped the massive corruption that still exists. I read recently that there is still billions of dollars that are missing from this last year. The more Iraq makes, the more that will be stolen by the politicians. We don't have a chance in hell at making any money on this investment if they don't plug the holes.
  13. Has there been any discussion on doing a LOP in country ONLY? Read this carefully, because it could be interpretted in that way. Lop in country, but outside investors would experience a raise in value. It makes no sense does it? Just popped into my head. I guess I am grasping for straws.
  14. The Az Cardinals said this morning that they had to secure Larry Fitzgerald's contract with big money and that today is the day for that money to arrive. Maybe they have Dinars also and know that the RV is happening today. That must be where they are getting their money from........ Sorry, I just couldn't help myself. I meant no harm, just a joke.
  15. I highly recommend it. It has been very relaxing to me. It took me 6 years to take my first break (I took about a month off), and now I take a short break every month (about 4 days away). I was going crazy from the hype before. I came into this with low expectations but the hype finally got to me, so the break saved me from going over the edge. As I said, I highly recommend it.
  16. The interesting part of this article is when they say that they "raised the value of the Dinar to more than 2000 from 1120" I'm sorry guys but 2000 is almost half the value of 1120, not higher. Remember, the lower the number, the more the value.
  17. I agree. Besides, who says they have to raise their value to enter the International Community? There are plenty of other countries with values less than the Iraqi Dinar and they are still members. So, why is it so important for the dinar to raise in value?
  18. You should ignore people who bash you for telling the truth. They are only doing it because the truth is destroying their hopes and dreams, and that truly is hard to deal with. Put yourself in their shoes for just a moment and you will understand where they are coming from. Don't take it personal. They aren't really mad at you. I appreciate your point of view since I have been away for some time, and it helps me catch up on the perspective of this investment. It is ironic that things seem the same as when I left. The RV is still "This Friday" or "On Monday", everything in the news pertains, in one way or another, to the Iraqi Dinar, etc., etc., etc. In fact, this is the same as it was in 2004 when I first invested. Just the names have changed, with exception of a few.
  19. You know, reading these quotes makes me feel like I ,too, am guilty lately of the very same thing as this guy. I used to explain, in detail, what my thoughts were. I must apologize to all you who do not know me, and assure you I will do better. Keep knows me from way back. Starting in November 2010, I started taking breaks of a month or so at a time. It has been very medicinal. I have been in this investment since the beginning (2004) and it was starting to weigh heavily on my mind, so the break did the trick. It has been hard to get back involved again, though, so that is why the short responses. Keep and I used to go back and forth all the time, and I learned to respect his point of view. It is good to see him still here. I have been laid up from surgery for about a week. This will give me time catch up on my research, so I know what I am talking about. I don't want to waste anyone's time by repeating anything. I know how frustrating that is to some. Later people. You do not have to apologize for your views. I don't care what people say, you have a right to your opinion.
  20. I've been invested for 7 years now. I was pretty confident, when I invested, that this was going to be a 10 to 15 year ride. So, I still have 3 to 8 years to go before I will feel like it is time to complain. That is why you do not see me responding very often. I am still happy with this investment.
  21. I have received this notice twice a year since being here on Dinar Trade. I think every once in a while they run out of things to get us all excited about the investment, so they send this out to some newbies. It does work pretty well. It worked on me the first couple of times I received it, because I thought, "It must be happening soon or they wouldn't be reminding us of the cash in procedures, right". That's what I thought anyway. Who knows, maybe it is just around the corner. Wouldn't that be wonderful!!! After 7 years of waiting, I cannot help but be a little suspicious.
  22. So, now you want to take away someone's right to free speech? Looks like someone is getting bored.
  23. I hate to say this guys but, I have been hearing this stuff for over 7 years. I am starting to see that it isn't always the person who is doing the posting who is wrong. Sometimes, I think, the guru gives the info to a seemingly credible person, that person, innocently, posts the info, and that takes the guru off the hook. Also, using the "Christian Card" in order to gain credibility can be very dangerous if you are not one, so be careful. God's wrath can be devistating.
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