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  1. Well, we know that they know they certainly have the rv option as a last resort
  2. Voted best post ever bro
  3. Stay in faith here. Merely building a corporation here. Never easy but always worth it.
  4. OMG, that is too perfect, email Washington asap regarding this. Seriously.
  5. Pres Trump through US Treasury then pays off National debt and gets in trouble once again
  6. Ive been saying this since Pres Trump arrived, that the spirit of Antichrist has showed himself greatly through both Rhino Republicans and Democrats alike. They are Americans on paper ONLY. They are not American by Spirit. Satan, through these Antichrists are the enemy of God and the American people, and are quite obviously ready to kill if they could get away with it, to remove Pres Trump and put the most evil agent they can find to spiritually and financially destroy the Country, macroeconomically, as they have ALREADY done in every large Liberal governed city. Jesus said to TEST EVERY SPIRIT, TO SEE IF THEY ARE OF GOD. If they are not, take one guess WHO they are serving (Satan). My ministry is to expose Satan and those (Great and small) who serve him.
  7. How did you know my $1.19 thank you Lord Jesus car dance?
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