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  1. The countries with the lower values would welcome increase, but the ones already having higher values would not accept the lower .27 amount imo
  2. Would you be so kind to direct me to a Iran Rial - Toman thread or chat for exchange instructions and guidance. Thanks guys.
  3. All I care about at this point is that this whole movement has been transpresidential, beginning with W and ending, God (Jesus) willing, with President Donald Trump.
  4. Exactly correct. They know what we know and more. That's why I marvel at what they say and do when I know they know what they do. They continue to play politics all the same.
  5. Well, I’ll just say that I recently had a clear dream that God (by some believer), handed me 22 million USD at a church service - and I am currently holding 20 million dinar.
  6. This is exactly why 2 weeks ago that financial delegation from the UK said they were stepping in to resolve this corruption. Thankfully Iraq agreed to it.
  7. Remember that Tony Blair was the sole initial investor with President Bush.
  8. Exactly correct. Both the UK and US reported that their upcoming business agreements with each other would be the largest the world has ever seen, as reported on Fox News 2 days ago.
  9. Thank God, it’s “about time.” This Trump administration is globally amazing. If anyone cannot see and agree to this, etc., they are both spiritually and politically blind.
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