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  1. Caz = shill-like Blaino supporter. No ripoff is too bad for ole caz. He/she will support them all. The only losers in caz's world are the poor deluded suckers who either: 1. Bought too much, 2. Don't support the big Rv, 3. buy into dinar scams because in caz's mind, they are too stupid to know better. I feel sorry for you,, I take that back. I don't feel sorry for you.
  2. Sounds just like this planet dinar scam. "Sure we'll send you back your dinars, BUT.....after we have extracted expenses of air fare, hotels and meals and other "fees" needed to get to the "secret vault" that only blaino can access. Just put the lousy currency in a fed ex envelope and mail it back. What a bunch of scam artists the Iraqi dinar speculation has created. It is shameful.
  3. Thanks, Artitec, I appreciate your advice and will pass it on to my friend. As for the foolishness of other posters, ie Shabs, and others, I do NOT appreciate your silly, immature responses at other people's expense. Makes me think you're about 15 years old. You don't always have to attempt to be the "funny guy". Grow up.
  4. Oh, just for the DV members who may have sent their currency to this guy, I did get a response from him yesterday. He said the currency was in a "secret vault" in another State, that only he and his attorney-in-fact were allowed to access. And that to get my friend's estate currency he would have to charge travel expenses of several hundred miles, overnight lodging, and "other fees". If the Planet Dinar thing isn't a SCAM, I don't know what is. I hope none of the rest of you got sucked into this fool's ploy. God bless.
  5. Thank you all for your posts. Especially the ones who tried to give realistic advice. To the others.....well, my old side would definitely let you know how I feel about that, but I will not let myself go there. You're not worth the effort or the nomenclature!
  6. I doubt it. Like so many referendums in the middle east it comes down to "all blow and no go". The Baghdad elites are greasing the palms of the Kurdish elites, and vice versa. Too much corruption, and backdoor payoffs to remain loyal. But IF the Kurds did break away, they take their oil with them. That reduces the revenue coming in to Baghdad, and that's not a positive for any kind of currency movement.
  7. Thanks, you folks are a lot of help. I'm asking for help and you give me lip. Typical.
  8. Two good ideas among a rash of scorners. Did anybody else out there have any dealings with Planet Dinar? Ever try to retrieve you currency? What's the DV community's opinion on this Blaino guy?
  9. I would think that you would agree with me that scammers of dinarians should be prosecuted, not made light of. I thought you were made of sterner stuff. I must have been mistaken. "All the evil person needs in this world is for the good people to do nothing". I guess making a joke about a criminal ripping off dinarians is all you got left in the tank. Glad you aren't watching my back.
  10. Let's hope so. Like I said, if this Blaino character is legit, he will remit the currency that was placed into his care. He has no reason not to, except if he is a criminal. But it smells like a scam to me. Like the BH Reno the g that sucked in so many gullibles. They went to jail, Tony went to jail. Maybe this Blaino guy is legit, but if he's not, he needs to be prosecuted.
  11. Well pyrrhic or not, letting somebody steal our dinars just ain't right. Letting him or her get away with scot-free ain't right either. What I opened this topic for was to see if anyone had had any dealings with this Planet Dinar thing. I don't know anything about it. Apparently if you sent in your dinars you were promised some higher exchange rate through WF. Sounds like a scam to me. I hope for Blaino's sake it isn't.
  12. So...what you're saying is just let this Blaino guy get away with steaLing money from of innocent hands? I wonder how many other DV members have sent their dinars to this guy. Anybody? Anybody out there in dinarland have any dealings with this guy? Hey, if he complies and sends the currency back, I'll be the first to come on here and say so, but if he don't......I've never been one to let it go, if you know what I mean. I may have to make a recon trip to his mailing address in Fulton, Missouri. It just ain't right.
  13. Yes. That is the name of the program. Planet Dinar. So...has anyone had any experience this this guy? Has anyone asked to get their dinars back? The sad thing is that the beneficiaries are kids. They can use the money. Anybody else out there have any experience with this Fogel character? I know he exists because my friend sent the information registered mail and got the green tag back signed by his wife. But that was it......silence. I would love to think this guy is legit, and he gets the dinars back, but it's been over a month...
  14. Hey, I could use some advice from the DV community. I am helping a friend probate an estate, and the deceased individual apparently mailed off several million dinar to some kind of program that promised a higher return. It was run by some dude named Blaino. My friend has sent certified letters, Court documents, death certificates and the deceased's account number trying to get Blaino to send them back so that they can be sold as fiduciary assets and then distributed ( in dollars) to the estate beneficiaries. So far ....nothing. No response whatsoever. Was this a scam.? What about suing this character? Any help would be appreciated.
  15. Also, be sure to explain in your Will that the dinar can only be converted back to dollars by your heirs through a currency exchange business ( rare) or, mailing them off to someone and hope you get money back ( risky). I'm helping someone right now who inherited a dinar account with someone named blaino. We're trying to get the currency back for the estate. No luck so far. Anybody know if this Blaino character is a scam, or a for real, honest broker?
  16. I'm not sure what you mean by the US accepting iraqi oil for dinar. The US is not going to have anything to do with the CBI revaluing or not revaluing. Baghdad didn't consult with the Fed before they raised the peg to 1182. They just did it. Too many dinarians see the US as a controlling factor holding up the big RV. The only thing holding off the big RV is the absolute ludicrous notion that it could ever be accepted outside the borders of iraq. The CBI doesn't care about dinar speculators, other than probably scamming money out of all the sales worldwide of their currency. They have enough laws on the books right now to legally scrape every speculator off their hide, and they wouldn't lose any sleep over doing it. What do they have to lose? Bad credit? They credit sucks right now.
  17. Tex, there is a difference between an International traded currency (Forex) which the Iraqi dinar is not, and probably never will be, and the legitimate sovereign currency of a nation ( which the Iraqi dinar is). Iraq can RV it's currency anytime it wants. It needs no permission from anyone. But the big question is whether the world's banking systems will acknowledge the RV and therefore honor it in an exchange basis. Obviously, to the Iraqi dinar speculator, being able to cash-in our dinars for profit is the name of the game. No guru has ever been able to effectively explain this "fly in the ointment" problem. It's even worse now than in 2010, when some banks actually bought and sold iraqi dinar. Now, no banks exchange dinar and only a few currency exchangers and website dealers will do so, and for huge commissions. Just because the CBI says the Iraqi dinar is now worth $1 doesn't mean anyone outside iraq will honor that price and exchange your dinar for that price. Therein lies the great dilemma. And noone has ever satisfied this question to my agreement. As for the suggestion that we just fly to Baghdad to exchange - forget that. The CBI already has laws on the books which limit how much dinar can be brought into their country, and how much in dollars can be taken out by private citizens. It's a very troubling scenario. One that finally led me to sell 75% of my holdings and take a loss.
  18. Yes, Sgt, they will hang on, but that is all they will be doing until oil hits $90 a bbl again. That could be 2-3 years down the road. Infrastructure and business reconstruction is stalled until the Iraqi budget becomes flush with petrodollars again. It is virtually impossible to even contemplate the CBI doing anything with its currency, either RV, RI, or RD, until the economy is booming again. They are barely surviving right now. So, in my opinion, don't believe anybody, guru or otherwise, who wants to convince you a big RV is coming tomorrow, next week, next month or even next year. I think it will be years before the economic/political conditions are conducive for any form of dinar revalue. Glass half empty opinion, but based on the reality of facts. Caz calls me his "dream-buster". Sorry.
  19. GO RV boys and girls. It's Feb. 17, 2016, and it's now been 208 weeks since I deluded myself into buying dinar for the big RV. Those were heady days, boys and girls. Dreams of instant wealth. Greed does strange things to the human mind. It blinds you to rational thought. Thankfully, those days of brainwashing are over. It is much more difficult for the gurus and their paid shills to pump those tired, old, talking points. Iraq is in far worse shape economically and politically than back in 2008, when the dinar craze began in earnest. Their foreign currency reserves are about half of what they were when I bought in 2012. There was no ISIS in Mosul, and there was no Iranian nuclear deal giving the bad guys 100 billion dollars with which to wreak havoc across the middle east. I have 1.5 mil left, which is worth far less than it was in 2012. Losing money is never friendly. But, I have recovered enough of my initial investment to keep from banging my head into the wall everyday. I learned valuable life lessons. "If it sounds too good to be true it probably isn't". So why do "lobsters" even come here to post? The answer is fairly obvious to me. To present intelligent, thoughtful discussions on why it's "okay" to think outside the box. To not march in lockstep over the dinar cliff just because your friends or your favorite guru says "GO RV" every 5 minutes, without a shred of credible evidence other than their money making strident voices. That is why we post.
  20. Yes, caz, I said all of those things LOL. So....did I state categorically that you are a dinar pumper? No. I did not. If you want to interpret those comments as such, that is for you to own. But, LOL, you do exhibit all the characteristics of shill-like individuals. LOL. Your ex-president Bill Clinton established my defense with his "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" . Did he exhibit sleasoid -like behaviors. Yes. But did I call him a sleasoid? LOL, I have really enjoyed this conversation with you, caz, LOL. And using LOL is so much fun. Go make some money, caz.
  21. Oh my. I don't know where to begin. So I won't. It's like recess time in elementary school. And....I never accused caz of being a shill. I accused caz of exhibiting shill-like behaviors. There is a difference.
  22. Stability in all of sovereign iraq is a necessary requirement for economic growth out of the ashes of war. There is NO good news coming out of iraq. I call a spade a spade. Gurus call it a "golden opportunity to buy dinar". I'm sure caz will quickly weigh in.
  23. Rock, have you ever noticed how often caz begins her posts with "LOL!" ? I have never quite understood that. It seems that every alternative thought is a laughing matter to caz. That means she doesn't accept any other opinion than the huge "RV". I guess ten years from now caz will still be "lol-ing" away, but she will be only talking to herself. Everyone else will have long since sold out, or worse simply lost their investment. But good old caz will still be chirping "lol" as monotonously as ever. What a funny (lol) mental picture that presents to me.
  24. The idea of the reserves ever covering a 1 to 1 revalue was absurd. There are 90 trillion dinar out there in some capacity or other. At an RV every single one of them goes up in the same increment of value. The CBI had 80 billion in reserves at it heyday. That might just have covered a 1 cent rv. But so many people believed in a $3-$6 dollar RV. Just simply impossible. Just because some guru says 2 plus 2 equals 5, doesn't make it so. But caz will have everyone believing that to keep the money rolling in.
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