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  1. Here it is, March 28, 2016 and I am worried about the dinar community. Most of the forum postings are days old. Only the news section remains somewhat current, and most of those articles are not very interesting. Has iraq entered a dull zone or what? I still have skin in this game and would like to make a nice profit in my remaining 1.5 mil. Even Snowglobe's cat pictures are becoming rare. I think the barrel is finally draining out. Interest is gone. Reality has set in. If the dinar will ever revalue, it may be years down the road. Dreams have been reeled in, or readjusted to other life's goals. Many, many poster have simply disappeared. What ever happened to LGD.? He used to post everyday. Or NYK, or Carillo, the camel driver? I miss the good old days. My dinar enthusiasm is waning. I need a few good raucous "GO RV's" to start my Monday. How about it dinarians? Where's the old spirit?
  2. "A collectible curio". That's exactly how iraq will treat all "out of country" dinars if they ever redenominate their currency. It is their "guaranteed loophole" to wipe the speculators off the books. And they won't worry about world opinion when they do that. The world already considers dinar speculators as "kooks". They won't care either. The only people who will scream and holler are the dinar speculators.......but nobody' will be listening out there.
  3. Well, my mother did. To the tune of $20,000 dollars. Along with many of her friends. And then they convinced me it was a real opportunity. I bought in after much discussion around the old kitchen table. I remember every talking point and pro-argument. Now I realize they were just quoting verbatim, the lies of the gurus. My greed button went "on", and I bought dinar also. ( didn't want to be left out ). I am the only one of that circle of mother's friends who got out. Many have already died, leaving their millions of physical dinar to beneficiaries. They don't have a clue what to do with them. Some have already had their greed button stimulated, and want to hold onto them, thus passing this false teaching down to the next generation. My mother also passed away last year, never seeing her "ship come in" as she so often quoted. It has been a sad experience for a whole lot of people who have watched their dreams die with them. I'm sure that caz will have some sarcastic comment to make to this post, as it is his job to belittle these kinds of stories for his own profit, I'm sure.
  4. Shabs bought same as everyone else. He got hoodwinked by the guru lies which were passed around by friends and family members until it all sounded so REASONABLE. Why couldn't the CBI just state the dinar was now worth 1 to 1 with the dollar? Sounds credible on the surface doesn't it? I mean, after all, doesn't iraq have a quarter of the world's oil reserves? Oops.......doesn't quite work that way now does it. Every one of the guru lies were debunked over time. It was an elaborate scheme built on one ideology...trigger that "greed" button in people. We all have it. And we are all susceptible to its power in our lives. The key here is to come to grips with it and when you do, reasoning begins to return. Unless, of course, that reasoning ability is constantly hammered down by the RV pit bulls whose job it is to keep all the people in line and chanting the "GO RV" mantra until hell freezes over. That's what they pay you for isn't it Caz?
  5. SD, you said it all, my brother. Right on the money. I would add only one suggestion. Next time you are in the desert, on a beautiful Arizona morning, close your eyes, and let your inner spirit seek after Him who created all that beauty for you. I know you are a non-believer, but then everyone is at birth. But some time, on that continuum of life, each of us has an opportunity to meet our Creator. Knock and the door will be opened. It's a promise from the Lord. And unlike the empty promises of the dinar gurus, God is the great Reality in this life. But you must trust. Now get out there and dig some gold!
  6. We all got hood-winked by our own greed. Greed is in every one of us and it doesn't take much to light the fire. When the greed light is "on" the reasoning light is usually "off". It was in my case, anyway. Everything the gurus were spouting made sense to me because I wanted it to make sense. But years later, and much wiser in the ways of world finance and the history of currency revalues, I came to the realization that the dinar had virtually no possibility of a 1 to 1 revalue. In fact the CBI reserves can't even cover a 1 penny revalue. Not with 85 TRILLION DINAR in circulation. Did my "dream" die? Heck yeah, but life goes on. God does not want us to focus on money. That is the great trap. We get wrapped around the axle saying things like, "God will bless us with the abundance of Babylon", when in reality, God blesses us everyday without ever mentioning the need for money. So if the dinar is your one consuming dream, you are in for a huge let down. Best let go of that dream right now and put it behind you. Just my opinion of course, and I'm sure that caz will disagree with it.
  7. Rock, caz may have never posted the "GO RV" phrase, but his vitriolic constant attacks on ANY OTHER scenario is prima facia evidence that he ONLY promotes the big RV pathway. And in light of the dismal track record of the dinar and the dismal geopolitical situation over there in Baghdad, anyone who bashes alternative free thought must be still promoting the "go rv" agenda. Since caz has been doing this for YEARS, I propose that he is either extremely obtuse, or he is in the business. Case closed.
  8. Well caz, I never have thought that Adam was your boss. There are many dinar selling businesses out there that need a person like you that will put down doubts about the big RV. You just choose to post on DV. Aren't we blessed to have you here. You are without a doubt the most anti-alternative scenario poster down here, and you have been posting just like this for YEARS! Why would you do that? You know there's little or no chance for a big money-making RV, but you still choose to guard dog the free thought section. There's only one answer to this, and you, and I, and everyone else knows the answer. You're in the business of promoting the RV, and I doubt that you're doing it because you believe what you spew. You do it for the obvious reason of profit. Your profit is coming from somewhere, I just haven't sleuthed it out yet.
  9. Don't get angry at caz, FR. Caz is always going to respond with sarcasm, regardless of how truthful our posts. We know what caz is, and we know why caz does what she does. It's all part of the game. Keep it going. Gin up more money from newbies who fall for the same old lies we fell for back in 2011. Can't turn the clock back. Can't get our money back. Heck, my buddy can't even get his money back from blaino, who scams people in the US! Imagine trying to get your bucks back from the CBI. Or Warka. It's all a game, and caz wants to play. Let her play. That's what they pay her for.
  10. Go cash your check, caz. The reason for your presence down here is acutely obvious. Shabs just visits for entertainment, but you have a significantly darker reason for your constant, vitriolic postings down here. Since you haven't made a dime on your dinar ( if you own any), there is simply no other reason for the YEARS of anti-lobster spew you are known for. Simply no other reason. Even that goofy bots has a different reason than you. He ACTUALLY believes it will RV. At least he's sincere in his misguided beliefs. You, caz, are singular in your diatribes against lobsters. ALWAYS NEGATIVE. ALWAYS SARCASTIC. Your bloomers are showing, caz. We all know you for who you really are. Just like we all know Mountain Goats real identity. I've always believed that people who take advantage of other people's naivety, for their own personal profit, are leeches on society. Do you smell blood, caz?
  11. As I have always said, ole caz sure exhibits shill-like behavior. Her response mantra is easily predicted. It will always be bad-mouthing anyone who dares to doubt the great myth. Why would caz be so determined to hold this line year in year out regardless of the depressing facts on the ground. There can be only one reason for caz's obsession with anti-lobster hysteria. Only one. Ole caz is making money. Ain't cha sweetie.
  12. The purpose of gurus is to gin up enthusiasm for buying more dinar. Period. End of story. The purpose of lobsters is to provide alternative scenarios to the dinar speculation other than the mindless chant "Go RV", which has resounded loudly everyday for the last 10 years! I would think that after 10 years, dinar holders might want to reevaluate their holdings in light of the dinar's abysmal record. I get Shabs, as he has stated that he is into posting for entertainment. I get caz, as she is just doing what all shill-like promoters of the dinar do...guard the front door. What I don't get, and never will get, is the unwavering loyalty to a speculation that has completely failed everyone who bought dinars over the last ten years. Utterly failed.
  13. I see that bots hasn't matured yet. Still counting on the big RV saving your financial butt, bots? I hope that's not the case, because the CBI is in absolutely no shape to do anything with the value of the dinar except to hold on and hope for oil prices above $90 a barrel. I don't read recaps because they are ridiculous. It's like reading the comics section in your Sunday paper. You don't take them seriously do you?
  14. I haven't heard anything from my favorite guru, "mountain goat" for awhile. I could always count on getting my weekly dose of gu-spew from my goatman in Philly, but it seems he has dropped out of sight. Can anyone help me find the goat?
  15. Wow, this new format is rough on technology-impaired old people like myself. Where do you go now to start a new thread topic?
  16. Wait a minute. You got the wrong currency flushing down the toilet! I like US dollars. I can spend them. I can think of a much better currency that should be in that picture.
  17. My family is just fine, "Mr. SHILL", how's yours? Well got to go. The pompano are running and that calls for some serious surf casting. Sure beats sitting in my basement counting my dinars. Now let's all go out and vote for Kasich, the best presidential candidate out there, even if the people of this great country don't realize it. If you vote "anger", you will be putting hillarious in the WH for 8 years. She will appoint at least 3 Supreme Court justices during that time. Take a guess who they will be like. That's a heavy price to pay for voting on anger.
  18. Stubbornness, plain and simple. But I no longer have that gnawing anxiety that so plagues the dinar community. If I had 15 or 20 thousand tied up in iraq I would feel differently I guess. Fortunately I don't.
  19. Pumpers don't talk about it at all! Neither do most dinar holders. It's like the 19 Trillion dollar debt in the US. Nobody really talks about it because most people don't even know what it means. Or how it will affect their lives in higher prices and inflation. When we lobsters bring up the 82 Trillion dinars in M2, we are doing it to show the impossibility of a 1 to 1 revalue. Even a single penny revalue would tax the CBI reserves, but most dinar holders simply won't or don't want to confront that 800 pound gorilla in the room. Holding 5 million dinar, for me, was not the same as holding a "lottery ticket". I had about $4,500 invested in dinar. A lottery ticket costs a buck. When the lottery draw is over, and I don't become a millionaire, I throw the ticket away. When my eyes were opened to the truth of the impossibility of a huge dinar revalue, I did the same thing. I threw the ticket away ( all but 1.5 mil). Recouping my money by reselling my dinar was almost like winning the lottery. I got 70% of my money back. Money that I can actually use to live life, help others, re-invest, or just put in a CD. It felt good!
  20. You are boring me, caz. You're just a stuck record playing the same tune over and over. Yadayadayadayada. Man, you must drive everyone nuts around you.
  21. Same old caz. Same old tired, boring litany of accusations, insults, and mindless dribble. Please go back upstairs. They love you up there. Take bots with you. You both belong to the Rumors section, where you can join in with Luigi in blathering on and on about the big RV. In Rumors, they will adore you.
  22. I rest my case. Bots, when you finish posting today, go look in the mirror and see if any beard has started to grow on your pre-pubescent face.
  23. I would think that calling people "jackasses" might be a concern to moderators. Maybe not. Who knows. But I believe we can have spirited debates without the vitriolic language. I don't think I ever called you a "liar" either, caz. I could be wrong, but I don't think so. I have called your behavior very "shill-like"in the past because of your guard dog attitude toward lobsters. It would not surprise me if you have "connections" to the dinar selling sites. As for bots, ..just no class. Can't fix immature behavior. It is what it is.
  24. No problem, Shabs. We've certainly chewed some of the same ground, and that's a fact. October of this year I was at the stone wall at Fredricksburg where the Rebs burned down 12,000 Yankees in 1862. Drove the Skyline Drive from Front Royal all the way south until it turns into the Blue Ridge Parkway all the way to north Georgia. Spectacular.
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