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  1. I call BS, you don't know what this guy was doing or how he was looking at the cop, i'm guessing he's a black lives matters activist that wanted to be on a video, did something to get pulled over and claims that he was wronged in some way to make police look bad.
  2. #3 - our "president" is an enemy infiltrator.
  3. It all makes perfect sense, and why obama gave Iran nukes.
  5. The support of criminals from the lawlessness of the left, so rears its ugly head in this thread, from the usual tools of satan.
  6. TE you claim you addressed it, but don't know his medical history. That was the question, not a question about details of an alledged lawsuit. You sure are full of yourself. So they murdered him.......because you said so, and that is that.
  8. Where's the outrage, where's the rioting, where's the looting,where's the vandalism, where is the racism?
  9. TE you side stepped the same question again, was there an existing spinal injury..…whatever, you are the expert, just ask you. After all you Already said that the police murdered him. The only thing I'm reaching for is the truth. You painted a picture of a man murdered by authorities for doing nothing wrong but having a pocketknife, I'm sure that's exactly what happen he did absolutely nothing.I'm sure he submitted to authority was polite the whole time he's never done anything wrong. I'm sure he was a model citizen during the investigation.
  10. *if the story was fabricated And he still may be responsible for his own injuries regardless
  11. TE you have side stepped the question of a pre-existing spinal injury, I never said a criminal record was a death sentence. I agree that the story was fabricated, that **** makes me mad and will eat a crow sandwhich. At the same time, nobody should be condeming the police until ALL the facts are in.
  12. I can see your agenda, support and promote criminals, and criminal activity, and division designed to weaken the nation. So you deny he had an existing spinal injury, and I suppose you also deny fred's criminal record. There is no evidence that he was mistreated by police.
  13. TE, please educate yourself on what really happened, who and what Freddie was, what he was doing, had been doing, and should have been doing instead of what he was doing. He was not another "good boy that never done nothing wrong"Your statements prove your ignorance to the situation and the agenda of criminals, and islamic agitators in our society (nation of islam). Freddy should've been at home recovering from his severed spinal surgery, but instead had been manufacturing drugs and out selling them. When caught he decided to run and resist arrest, he may very well have caused his own fatal injury to his existing injury, just by running, As there is no evidence that any force was used him by The police. His rap sheet is a mile long and it's obvious that he was a career criminal and he suffered the consequences of his own actions, as sad as it is.
  14. This whole thing is another opportunity distraction from more serious things happening in our country
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