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  1. Hey here's a crazy idea. Why don't you build a car factory in Iraq?
  2. Now we're talkin.... While their at it maybe they could talk Berney Sanders into being President there.
  3. I've said it before...Abadi should Borrow as much money in dollars euros,Frank's and gold as he can.....then Rv the currency and pay everyone back in Dinar...
  4. I read 40-30 trillion dinar. So which is it. I don't think even they really know. They want investment in infrastructure and people to circulate the currency to boost their economy, then give the people some incentive and revalue the currency now. Don't wait for the coming days or soon. Do it now!
  5. I think Carrillo may have a point.... As a matter of fact I think he should stay on vacation for the rest of his term...
  6. Has anybody talked to the dinar brokers on availability? If the CBI is sucking up dinar at an incredible rate wouldn't they be harder to get and wouldn't the spread be higher?
  7. They reduced the note count and now cry about a cash shortage? How about borrow as many dollars as possible first then revalue the dinar and pay it all back.... Hmmmm!
  8. Home grown commodities are the foundation to a good economy.
  9. What the heck is wrong with these people. They have a pending disaster starring them in the face and still no plan to fix it. Isis is nothing compared to the mass destruction this will cause when it occurs.
  10. Again O calls for gun control, this happened in my neighborhood. The only gun control I agree with is hitting what I aim at.
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