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    Dinar, of course.. been in this for a couple of years and a lurker here at Dinarvets, figured Id join up.
    Other than that, Im a machinist by trade and fabricator, hotrod builder & old car enthusiast. Love anything old, antiques, diners, architecture ect.
    Hope this goes off soon, so I can really start to enjoy my hobbies 110%

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  1. Agreed. Waiting for the confirmation on an "official" source before I begin to par-tay,...although this is nice to see.
  2. U.S. working with Kurdistan, secretively to divide Iraq into 3 "States". The godfather/planner of the Operations is our wonderful Joe Biden, working with Barzani, in a concerted effort to smuggle moneys once belonging to Daash out of Iraq, using the 101st Airborne. This operation is "mysterious - because it is under the authority of US President Barack Obama" and is pretty much Top Secret. That's what I got.... Sometimes it helps just to read every other word and piece it together from there... There's time I just gotta wonder whose side is Obummer actually on!?
  3. I always pull history lessons from 5 year olds, recipes from skinny people, and sane advice from lunatics. Not. I'm riding this sucker till it falls off the rails! C'mon Iraq...bring it on home baby!
  4. Over the years, I've come to conclusion that Coin = Note. You have to study the context of the subject matter. In this case...they're talking about the new 50,000 notes, and how much less paper money they have to carry on their person vs. leaving it in their car, ect...
  5. My question is this: If Iraq's 90 tons of gold only makes up 4.6% of their "reserves"...whats the other 95.4% made up of!?!
  6. Ok, so this is what I got.... 21K gold actually averaged out today at 34,500 Dinar per gram. Not sure why....but if one multiplies that by 5, you get roughly this 171,766 they're talking about. This 5 multiplier might be what is being referred to in the statement "weight of gold is equal to 5 per gram". I tweaked the translation at the end in google translate enough to know, this isnt the best translation of the article, so that in itself could explain the jibberish like statements. As far as the 171,766 & 171,198 values, its just the difference in value between yesterday and today. Thi
  7. Im crunching the numbers, but so far having a tough time. 21K gold finished at $31.07/gram or $966.52/troy oz. (Different conversion rate with troy ounces) Im missing a bit of info... The article says "weight", but not sure what unit of measure theyre using. One troy ounce of 21K gold in Dinar is roughly 1,130,805 IQD One gram of 21K gold is 36,352 IQD WHERE THIS '171,700 by weight' number comes in, is beyond me presently.... I'll keep digging. Also..."weight of gold is 5 per gram" ...whaaa?
  8. Its actually not that bad. has come down from its high point, but if you look back over the years, the market has dropped many times. Oil is getting to the value it was in late 2001...when ironically Dinar was at $3:1. Its not "worthless"....its just getting realistic IMOOil value chart over the years:
  9. The Rich Middle Eastern Sheiks that have money to burn, or coin collecters, or the same people that buy Maybach limos & Lamborghinis..because they can.Yeah...those people.
  10. Again, I have to disagree. They're actually making out pretty well with these coins. Ok, lets break it down... $35.42/gram) 15gram = $531.30USD $531.30 x 1170 = 621,621 Dinar CBI resale value of 100 Dinar coin 720,000 Dinar They are MAKING 98,379 Dinar off each coin. 22 gram = $779.24USD $779.24 x 1170 = 911,710 IQD Resale value of 250 Dinar coin is approx. 1,056,000 Dinar. They're making 144,290 Dinar off each coin. So, yes...your right, the CBI is in it for the money. Exactly! Thanks SD.
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  12. If Im interpreting the article correctly, it looks like these were meant for collectors. Only 5000 of the 100 Dinar coins, and 5000 of the 250 Dinar coins will be minted, keeping them as 'limited editions'.
  13. No, Im saying that the 250 Dinar coin will be sold at or near 1,056,000 Dinar. The "250" isnt a true value at all, just a numerical value placed on the coin, similarly to how we make special edition gold coins in the states with values like $1, $10, or $50, but actually valued much higher. These gold dinar coins are just special commemorative edition collectables.
  14. Re-read the article, and you'll see no "sell value" was given for the 22 gram/250 Dinar coin. 250 Dinars is the 'face value'...not true resale value. The 15 gram coin is valued at 720,000 Dinar, which breaks down to 48,000 Dinar/gram. At that math, the 22 gram(250 Dinar) coin would be valued at 1,056,000 Dinar. Sorry to say, but... put down the 'hopeium' and step away. Especially now, we need to slowly think thru everything...twice, before jumping to a conclusion.
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