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  1. Your posts I read, but I don't Chose to follow the "facts" or opinion of some that's submerged unto his own thoughts and visions. Unless they hold testimony to Jesus Christ And that's by a knowledge HIM. So until that day comes, you have a lot to act like a rabbi, but even those long-beared uneducated humams acknowledged truth. You present a lot of truth, but you are stuck in the "factual realm", and onearth day, very soon, you WILL FEEL HIS PRESENCE. even some old people are stupid, they just look old even some old people are stupid, they just look old In my humble opinion,
  2. silver is the way to go but unless you are dedicated to this blessing,if not, then you and Maggie can go back to school, cz so far you two lacknow intellig3nce and common sence. if you have a question then ask on and I will answer
  3. If it "just hit you" then your the biggest idiot I know.. unless you worked for somebody to go against it. If so, you deserve to give a sorry to dvets for taking the time to add "logical bulshit" to the site. either you over believe in yourelf or you have a twisted innocent concience.. your a freakin joke. You add nothing to my spiritual life that u so need. You are factual based and act like you know it all. Jesus told me to tell you... forgive my servants harsh remarks.. repent. Repent. And repent. And shut up. And go back to church. Your input is 90% correct but does 0 good. Take your note
  4. DL..looks like the legacy of your username at dvets has left it at a shameful stage, at this point I humbly ask you, Humble yourself, allow Jesus Chris to work in your life, and stop working for the devil, even if he's paying yoU, or bribing you. You being 90% but the other 10% hogwash is enough of a stench. It's about time Shut up and listen for once. And that's just my opinion. Take it how you desire. I'm praying for you brother. And that's just my opinion. Take it how you desire. I'm praying for you brother.
  5. Here's my take on the situation.. the 2010 imf reforms was an agreement with many countries to get back to the gold standard but the public is only told .0001 % of what the world "architects" orchestrate behind closed doors. the fed never agreed to put the last signature and the deadline was Dec 31 U.S. no longer has veto power in the world.if the ptb (not limited just to the fed) had signed that agreement last year then this would have happened last year jan. Now plan b is in motion and happening very quickly. For those of us who don't just go off of what the news says as "TRUE", we
  6. I'm up for that LGD, also tomorrow the president will sign the budget into gazette so I was hoping they will announce the rate publicly, hopeing they wont wait until Sunday or Monday to sneak it in Quietly through the markets. Id prefer an official annoucement. We waited with anticipation so long, I see nothing wrong with being hopeful sinice it has reached its final completion, and those that have ears to hear, can Hear. That's why trying to predict a mere opinion on the final date is not wrong, on the opposite I think I enjoy it.thanks for everything you bring to dvets, many of us apprecia
  7. finally.. I can exit this's all finished. Game over. New jubilee .. ready, set,...k@boom.nay sayers sayanara!
  8. Here go my hopes again..straight through the roof..and I like thursdays too, so make it so. no more delays!?! i guess it's time to reel in the catch Since its finally the FINA SIGNATURE! And sometimes I thought this would never end lol silly me Thanks
  9. I smell success LB, I like your diligence and patience. Thanks
  10. Thanks! Loll!! Im happy they didn't sign the damn thing...I wanna see that rate first!
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