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  1. Gold Up on Short Covering, Friendly Outside Markets in a Quiet, Pre-Holiday SessionBy Jim Wyckoff of Kitco News Thursday December 24, 2015 12:32 (Kitco News) -Gold prices ended the U.S. day session and a holiday-shortened trading week modestly higher Thursday. Some short covering in the futures market and perceived bargain-basement buying in the cash market heading into a long weekend gave gold its lift. The key “outside markets” were also in a bullish posture for the precious metals on this day. The U.S. dollar index was lower and crude oil prices were firmer. February Comex gold was last u
  2. Gold Holds On To Early Gains Following As-Expected Fed Rate Hike Wednesday December 16, 2015 14:26 (Kitco News) - Gold prices were trading higher in afternoon dealings Wednesday and holding on to early gains in the aftermath of the first interest rate increase from the U.S. Federal Reserve since 2006. Short covering and position evening in the futures markets, and bargain hunting in the cash markets, were featured in gold and silver ahead of this afternoon's FOMC statement. February gold was last up $10.70 an ounce at $1,072.30. March silver futures were last up $0.39 an ounce at $14.16. M
  3. Earlier this year in a chat in, January I think, you said you could see the dinar rv upwards to the 50 cent range. With all that has gone on with Iraq this year, more oil, more gold, security, government, IMF and UN aid, you still feel/think they can rv that high? I know about your 10 cent stance, and believe me...I'm a believer in 'at least' that for an rv. I was just curious if you've heard anything about a possible rate of 13-26 cents, like a few other middle east countries are currently valued at as well. Just so Iraq can be 'on par' with some of their neighbors.
  4. If it were $2,300 for every 25K dinar note, that would 9.2 cents per dinar...close to Adam's 10 cent mark!
  5. not a problem, figuring out rate-calculations has become a semi-hobby.
  6. Gold Rebounds from 5.5-Year Low as U.S. Dollar Hammered, Euro Currency Surges Thursday December 03, 2015 13:43 (Kitco News) - Gold prices saw a moderate short-covering and bargain-hunting bounce in the aftermath of the European Central Bank easing its monetary policy Thursday. The ECB move was not unexpected but did prompt big price reversals in the U.S. dollar index (down) and the Euro currency (up) on this day. That led to the rebound in gold after its price overnight dropped to a 5.5-year low. Silver prices hit a six-year low Thursday. February Comex gold was last up $7.80 at $1,061.50 an
  7. Been buying since Gold fell under $1,200/ounce. Yes, a pretty substantial decline so far this morning. I know what I'm buying this Black Friday!
  8. Recent articles this week include: 50k notes, 100k notes new 500 notes, coins lower than 250 dinar IMF IQD rate at 1500-1, Turki saying 2000-1 raising value against the dollar... Confusion, smoke,....? Something is up.
  9. "the central bank has new plans to issue a new currency less than the category of the 250 Iraqi dinars to fill the Iraqi market needs,..." ...To me, (I may be misinterpreting it, as is 80% of Iraqi articles) this line promotes currency LESS than the 250 IQD. Maybe as in 100, 50, 20, 10, etc... If so, could they be the 'gold coins' Iraq said they would produce for citizens? If that's the case, an increase in value would be needed. Just my , if i'm understanding this article correctly.
  10. Agreed. Been buying quite a bit lately with these prices the past few weeks. Gonna need a bigger safe...
  11. The only 'Bruce' I listen to has the last name Springsteen.
  12. Gold Is A Bargain Right Now, But No One Is Paying Attention - Rob McEwen Nov 10, 2015 Guest(s): Rob McEwen owner of McEwen Mining, a mid-tier gold and silver producer. ‘If you are in Australia, Canada, the price is going up because of the foreign exchange -- at some point, it will move in U.S. dollar terms,’ McEwen said in an interview with Kitco News on Monday. He added, ‘People should be putting a little money into gold, think of it as 80-90 percent off; you can turn gold into cash in two days, it is value.’ McEwen, the former founder and CEO of Goldcorp said one of the greatest c
  13. Totally agree with you on this. Same thing happened earlier in October, revised jobs numbers were lower and Gold gained quite a bit on that day. The U.S., especially the Fed, seem to be in on the price manipulation of metals.
  14. Hoping for a bounce-back week for Gold, seeing how the last few trading days went. Still good prices for buyers right now.
  15. An RV @ .10 cents, and he won't really be taking a pay reduction!
  16. Still confidence in Gold today, even after the jobs numbers. After it fell down into $1170's in rallied back up to $1190's again. Settling nicely around $1187 currently. Bought over 6 grams myself today.
  17. ...Meanwhile, another prediction for Gold going in the other direction... UBS Sees Gold Averaging $1,250 In 2016; Any Weakness ‘Unlikely To Be Sustained’ Friday October 09, 2015 08:54 (Kitco News) - UBS looks for gold prices to rebound into next year as real interest rates remain subdued compared to past cycles, maintaining its call for the metal to average $1,250 an ounce in 2016. The bank downwardly revised its 2015 forecast to $1,170 an ounce from $1,190. Meanwhile, UBS trimmed its 2016 silver forecast, although the bank still looks for price appreciation next year. The bank also
  18. I figured Gold would rally earlier this morning when it broke into $1154 today. Then minutes later it slumped back down into the mid $1140's. It has to break higher, sooner or much economic uncertainty around the globe and central banks are adding more to their reserves. I added another 2 ounces to my safe earlier this week. Buying while it's still at a discount price.
  19. We have quite a few Gold commercials/informercials playing regularly, especially on the business and news channels. Haven't noticed a difference in how frequent they run, but I usually see 3-4 a day between 4 different channels.
  20. A combination of: a)the jobs numbers b)stocks sliding lower c)Yellen's speech later today d)short covering Gold now currently above $1,150/oz. A good +2% gain from yesterday.
  21. I've been thinking/saying this for the past few months. A big, big mess may hit the fan soon, been building up for years. Best thing to do is buy metals now at the cheap prices they are currently sitting at. Gold and silver will be in huge demand, and highly valuable. Holding even a little now will help a lot later on.
  22. Good interview. I've read a handful of articles and seen a number of interviews on tv this past month where pro-gold, or "gold bugs", have said $1400/oz is where gold should be by end of 2016 or first quarter 2017. That's about a 25% increase from where it sits currently...good time to buy now if you agree with the latest predictions. That being said, silver, imo, should increase much higher than gold, percentage wise.
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