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  1. 6 usd to 1 iqd Unlikely. 6 iqd to 1 usd? Likely. That would be about 16.6 cents. I'd believe that. Not this.
  2. Gold Ready For $200 Jump In 2017 – Bank Of America CNBC reported that Bank of America is forecasting a significant jump in gold prices by the end of this year. “Gold is poised to make a big jump by the end of the year, at least according to Bank of America. The corporate and banking division says it expects the price to rise by around $200. That would put the price of gold at $1400 by December… Analysts at Bank of America/Merrill Lynch state that even though the commodity has been under pressure as a run up to the next Federal Reserve bank hike, there were reasons for optimism… Inflation and other uncertainties like elections in Europe tend to prop up the yellow metal. The bottom line: Bank of America says to bank on gold.” (“Bank of America says to bank on gold,” CNBC, 3/9/17.)
  3. Gold Highly Relevant In Strategic Portfolio - WGC The World Gold Council published its Outlook 2017 which identifies six significant trends that will support gold in 2017. “In 2016, investors around the world returned in large numbers to the gold market, as a combination of macroeconomic drivers and pent up demand kept interest in gold high. As we start the new year, there are some concerns that US dollar strength may limit gold’s appeal. We believe that, on the contrary, not only will gold remain highly relevant as a strategic portfolio component, but also six major trends will support demand for gold throughout 2017… “Using the economic perspective from our guest economists as a backdrop, we believe there are six major trends in the global economy that will support gold demand and influence its performance this year: 1. Heightened political and geopolitical risks 2. Currency depreciation 3. Rising inflation expectations 4. Inflated stock market valuations 5. Long-term Asian growth 6. Opening of new markets… “Gold is especially effective as a safe have during times of systemic crisis, when investors tend to withdraw from risk assets. As they pull back, gold’s correlation to stocks becomes progressively more negative and its price tends to increase. Gold historically performs better than other high-quality liquid assets during periods of crisis and that makes it an excellent liquidity provider of last resort… “[O]ver the past century, gold has vastly outperformed all major currencies as a means of exchange … This difference between gold and fiat currencies can drive gold investment demand as investors seek to preserve capital from depreciating currencies… But gold’s relative steadfastness can also support central bank demand. To that end, central banks continue to acquire gold as a means of diversifying their foreign reserves and we expect them to continue to do so in 2017… “Gold is becoming more mainstream… We expect this trend to continue and expand into Western markets, where pension funds have had to rethink asset allocation strategies following prolonged exposure to low (and even negative) interest rates. In our view, this will result in structurally higher demand….” (Outlook 2017: Global economic trends and their impact on gold,” WGC, 1/17.)
  4. CBI Auctions still going. The buy/sell rate moved 2 dinars. Now 1184/1182. Announcement No. (3353) The opening offers the sale and purchase of foreign currency in the window of the Central Bank of Iraq on 5/1/2017 and the results were as follows: DETAILS NOTES Number of banks 33 Number of remittance companies 17 Amount sold at auction price (US$) 158,915,838 Amount purchased at Auction price (US$) ----- Total offers for buying (US$) 158,915,838 Total offers for selling (US$) ----- Exchange rates from (06/04/2015) till the last date Exchange rates from the beginning of the auction until (19/2/2015) Australian Dollar AUD 856.506 856.077 Gold of 24 carat Gold 1,362,784.000 1,360,482.000 CURRENCY CODE SELL BUY US dollar USD 1184.000 1182.000 Euro EUR 1229.584 1228.969 British pound GBP 1455.018 1454.290 Canadian dollar CAD 881.083 880.643 Swiss franc CHF 1150.073 1149.498 Swedish krona SEK 129.489 129.425 Norwegian krone NOK 136.601 136.532 Danish krone DKK 165.398 165.315 Japanese yen JPY ----- ----- Special Drawing Rights SDR 1582.534 1581.743 Indicative rates - 04.01.2017
  5. Awesome SoCal. Wish I lived closer, and it wasn't the holidays. Would love to join you on a trip. Best of luck on your next hunt.
  6. The sign on the tomatoes read 990 today's value thats about $.83 cents. Doesn't look like anything has changed in value, yet.
  7. LaidBack quoted what I had posted yesterday on the auctions having gold prices listed. I had never noticed/seen it before on the CBI page, which is why I brought it over. Maybe the gold prices are for the gold coins they'll be introducing? Hopefully. But also could be just a general listing to let people know the actual market rate for dinar/gold ratio.
  8. Currency Auctions Announcement No. (3305) The opening offers the sale and purchase of foreign currency in the window of the Central Bank of Iraq on 26/10/2016 and the results were as follows: DETAILS NOTES Number of banks 32 Number of remittance companies 15 Auction price selling dinar / US$ 1182 Auction price buying dinar / US$ ----- Amount sold at auction price (US$) 147,280,305 Amount purchased at Auction price (US$) ----- Total offers for buying (US$) 147,280,305 Total offers for selling (US$) ----- Also noticed Gold prices on daily exchange chart. Anyone seen that before? Australian Dollar AUD 0 0 24carat gold ounce gold 1500430.800 1497892.000 CURRENCY CODE SELL BUY US dollar USD 1182.000 1180.000 Euro EUR 1285.070 1284.428 British pound GBP 1445.941 1445.218 Canadian dollar CAD ----- ----- Swiss franc CHF ----- ----- Swedish krona SEK ----- ----- Norwegian krone NOK ----- ----- Danish krone DKK ----- ----- Japanese yen JPY 11.315 11.310 Special Drawing Rights SDR 1621.940 1621.129 Indicative rates - 26.10.2016
  9. Recession Coming Within 12 Months; Investors Need Gold – Pal A former Goldman Sachs banker and founder of the macro investment advisory group Global Macro Investor told MarketWatch the U.S. will be hit by a recession in the next 12 months. As such, investors need to “park their cash” in gold. “Mirror, mirror on the wall, which asset is most mispriced of all? According to a Goldman Sachs alum who predicted the financial crisis in 2008, it’s gold. The precious metal should be a lot more expensive when the likelihood of a global financial collapse and a move toward negative interest rates is accounted for, says Global Macro Investor founder Raoul Pal, who now sees a U.S. recession within 12 months… “’As we get to negative interest rates, gold is a good place to park your cash,” said Pal, who discussed his outlook with MarketWatch in a September interview and a follow-up conversation over email. ‘I’m not a gold bug,’ the former GLG Global Macro Fund co-manager — who is also watching the dollar closely — “’but this is the currency I would choose now… All the really serious thinkers are interested in gold,’ he said… “Pal’s core presumption — one he’s held since 2014 — is bad news for the U. S: He is convinced the country is headed for recession within a year. ‘The business cycle points to that,” he said, “and 100% of all two-term elections have had a recession within 12 months since 1910.’ “His view contrasts with the Federal Reserve’s own indicator, based on corporate-bond spreads, that predicts just a 12% chance of a pullback in the next year. But Pal does have some prominent company: Savita Subramanian, Bank of America’s head of equity strategy, recently predicted the same; Janus Capital’s Bill Gross spoke of a lagging U.S. recovery in his September investment note; and bond investor Jeffrey Gundlach showed a chart during a recent webcast that revealed the start of a recession. Should his prediction come true, Pal says, gold prices could double. If central banks want to get active and combat a slowing economy, he says, they will try to stimulate the economy via printing money or more easing, all of which plays ‘into the hands of gold….’” (“A recession is coming — so hide in gold, says influential investor Raoul Pal,” MarketWatch, 10/14/16.)
  10. I'll bug you one more time and re-post my question from last week: Oil prices are relatively stable, the price of gold is staying above $1300/oz and most likely going up. Iraq has plenty of both. With all that has gone on with Iraq this year: CBI talk, banking, more oil, more gold, security, government, IMF and UN aid, etc...things are actually looking promising. I know about your 10 cent stance, and believe me...I'm a believer in 'at least' that for an rv. I was just curious if you've heard anything about a possible rate of 13-26 cents, like a few other middle east countries are currently valued at as well. Just so Iraq can be 'on par' with some of their neighbors, and take advantage of the resources they possess or have yet to tap into. Thanks.
  11. Oil prices are relatively stable, the price of gold is staying above $1300/oz and most likely due to rise. Iraq has plenty of both. With all that has gone on with Iraq this year: CBI talk, banking, more oil, more gold, security, government, IMF and UN aid, etc...things are actually looking promising. I know about your 10 cent stance, and believe me...I'm a believer in 'at least' that for an rv. I was just curious if you've heard anything about a possible rate of 13-26 cents, like a few other middle east countries are currently valued at as well. Just so Iraq can be 'on par' with some of their neighbors, and take advantage of the resources they possess or have yet to tap into.
  12. Look closely, 129.5 dinars, its abbreviated for 129,500 dinars, per 100 usd. So the rate is 1295. I did a double take, then saw the second line again. Still waiting.
  13. Hey Adam, what is your take on all these CBI articles that have come out this past weekend? It seems the CBI is getting ready for something to happen, hopefully before end of the year. The central bank gives the government banks until September to adapt itself to the electronic systems CBI approaching the issue dinar-mail and enter it in the business dealings The Central Bank Reveals The Date Of Launch Electronic Currency !
  14. Investors Need Gold To Preserve Savings – Barisheff Nick Barisheff, CEO of Toronto’s Bullion Management Group, advised investors to include gold in their portfolio to preserve their savings. “Many investors and their financial advisors consider gold to be a commodity, which makes gold no different than copper, timber, pork bellies or orange juice. They do not understand, or simply are unaware, that gold has been successfully used as money for over 3,000 years. Although some people think it is an archaic relic, the facts don’t support this view… “Gold is traded on the currency desks of all major banks and brokerages, along with dollars, euros, yen and pounds, and not the commodity desks along with other commodities – the FX traders know gold is money. “On the balance sheets of all central banks, gold is classified as a monetary asset, along with their foreign currency reserves. The central bankers know gold is money. Central banks do not hold any other commodity as part of their reserves. Alan Greenspan knows gold is money, as he laid out in his famous article “Gold and Economic Freedom”, written in 1966, before he became chairman of the Federal Reserve… “One of the most important attributes of gold is that it is negatively correlated to financial assets, such as equities and bonds, and non-correlated to commodities… When financial assets decline, gold tends to move in the opposite direction, and increases in currency terms. What this means is that gold acts as portfolio insurance to reduce volatility, improve returns, and improve both Sharpe and Sortino ratios… “For the sake of your financial well-being, take the time to understand what money is, its history and how it is created through the fractional reserve banking system. You will then understand that this 44-year-old experiment with the US dollar as the first global reserve fiat currency will assuredly end in disaster for those who hold their wealth in paper, just like all the other times when this was tried by individual countries. “You will come to the same conclusion that I and numerous other experts have come to: You need to hold a substantial part of your portfolio in precious metals in order to preserve your savings. “It is critical to take the time to understand that gold and silver are the most reliable forms of money for preserving wealth. When it becomes obvious to everyone that the system is failing, it will be too late. Unlike paper currencies, you can’t simply print more gold. If even a small percentage of the $250 trillion in global financial assets tries to move into less than $2 trillion of privately held gold, the only variable will be the price, and even then the question will be availability. That is how we will get $10,000 per ounce gold and $250 per ounce silver.” (“Gold and Pork Bellies,” BMG, 7/26/16.)
  15. $1400 Gold Just Start of Bull Market – VanEck Investment firm VanEck issued a report stating that $1400 gold will be just the start of a new bull market. “Although gold prices are down from last week’s two-year high, one investment firm sees $1,400 an ounce as just the start as the market remains in a new bull uptrend. In a report released Tuesday, Joe Foster, gold strategist at VanEck, said that the firm is expecting gold prices to reach $1,400 an ounce in the second half of the year, adding ‘and we do not believe it will end there…’ “What is the driving the next leg of the renewed secular bull market is the fact that investors are being more proactive, he said… ‘Many are seeing the looming potential for another financial crisis and making a strategic allocation to bullion as a hedge against systemic risk,’ he said. Foster sees several factors in the global economy that will continue to support gold prices in the long term, including continued loosed monetary policy and low bond yields. Quoting the latest report from ratings agency Fitch, he noted that $11 trillion in sovereign debt is offering negative yields… Foster also said that weak global growth and volatile currency markets will make gold an attractive investment… Turning to the U.S., Foster said that the 2016 presidential election also promises to be positive for the yellow metal, no matter what side wins the race….” (“Gold Price Of $1,400 Is Just The Start – VanEck,” Kitco News, 7/12/16.)
  16. Perfect Storm for Higher Gold Prices – Forbes Forbes reported that the current financial and political climates are positive for gold’s bull run. “Gold shone brightly for a few days this week before running out of steam, but if anyone thinks gold has done its best for 2016 they’re not looking at what’s driving [gold]. A heady mix of financial, political and economic forces are behind the latest gold revival and none of them are short-term events… “Credit for this week’s rise in the gold price to a two year high of $1314.87 an ounce was shared by confirmation that U.S. interest rates will be lower for longer and that British voters might agree with a proposition that their country should quit the European Union… And then there’s the biggest uncertainty of all, the gorilla in the room … what will the U.S. economy look like in the first year of President Trump should he be elected in November. Gold loves situation like this. It is the ultimate fall-back investment for a time when everything else has failed or when the yield on conventional investments makes zero-interest bullion look good… “The importance of Brexit to gold cannot be over-stated because while it might only involve one reluctant member of the E.U. opting out, the potential for a domino effect could be catastrophic with other Euro-skeptic countries joining Britain at the exit.” (“Gold Can Only Go Up As A Perfect Storm Of Brexit And Trump Presidency Loom Large,” Forbes, 6/17/16.)
  17. “Incredible Opportunity” To Own Gold And Silver Before Next Crash – Embry John Embry, Senior Investment Strategist at Sprott Asset Management, told King Worlds News that current prices offer an opportunity for investors to acquire physical gold and silver before the next world economic collapse. “Eric, it certainly has been an ugly couple of weeks in the precious metals space, with platinum being abused as much or more than gold and silver. I thought Andrew Maguire did an excellent job in explaining the action in his KWN interview on Friday… And when you juxtapose Maguire’s interview with the interviews KWN did with Pierre Lassonde and Stephen Leeb, where they explained the fundamentals for enormous price increases in gold and silver, it clearly demonstrated once again what an incredible opportunity there is for investors to acquire whatever physical gold and silver they can at these prices… “Also, I remain fascinated by the misinformation coming from official sources with respect to the economy. The recent housing numbers were many, many standard deviations above where they should have been, and a lot of the supposed strength in the sector is primarily attributable to horrible lending standards that appear to be repeating the same process that proceeded the 2007 – 2008 collapse. However, as bad as the lending standards might be in the housing sector, they are dwarfed by what is occurring in the auto sector… This is going to end very badly, and I’m afraid in the not-too-distant future we might be referring to 2007 – 2008 debacle as the good old days. “I still believe that the U.S. authorities remain very concerned about an eventual dollar crisis or outright collapse for that matter… There is no reason for a rate hike, so the government has to create fictional numbers in order to support the concept and keep foreign investors in the dollar….” (“50-Year Veteran Warns We Are Headed For Another 2008-Style Collapse,” King World News, 6/1/16.)
  18. Growing Call for Return to Gold Standard As World Approaches Next Great Recession – Bloomberg Bloomberg discussed the growing number of experts and politicians who are urging a return to a gold standard to combat the reckless central bank policies threatening the economy. “When times are tough, new economic theories get a better hearing. Maybe some old ones, too. The gold standard is one of the oldest ideas about money, but the hardest of hard-money hawks sense an opening to breathe new life into it. Decades ago, the amount of cash circulating in a country was often limited by the stash of bullion held in its coffers. Especially since 2008, developed-world policy has headed in the exact opposite direction, expanding the powers of central banks to stoke growth. Helicopter drops of money, potentially the next new thing, would be a giant leap further… For those in the U.S. who see much risk and little benefit in the current course, gold is still a rallying point. And their audience may be growing. ‘The fringe has become the mainstream,’ said Jesse Hurwitz, a U.S. economist at Barclays Capital in New York. He sees the gold standard as a bad idea but “something we’ll increasingly talk about…’ “George Gilder thinks gold-standard ideas are on the way back whatever the politicians do. Founder and chairman of the Gilder Technology Group and a bestselling author who helped popularize supply-side economics in the Reagan era, he says the trillions of dollars that fly around global currency markets every day are a ‘bizarre abuse of capitalism” sucking vitality out of the real economy… “Gilder sees a political backlash when negative interest rates start taking away people’s savings. Jim Rickards, chief global strategist at money manager West Shore Funds and author of ’The New Case for Gold,’ says the Fed and its peers have expanded their balance sheets to ‘the outer limit of confidence.’ Rickards helped negotiate the rescue of Long-Term Capital Management in the late 1990s and says it’s been downhill ever since. ‘In 1998, Wall Street bailed out a hedge fund. In 2008 the Fed bailed out Wall Street,’ he said. ‘What’s going to happen in 2018? It’s going to be the IMF bailing out the central banks.’ He sees a chance of ‘close to 100 percent’ that a downturn worse than the Great Recession is on the way in the next few years -- and then, ‘you’re going to be hearing a lot more about gold.’” (“Make America Gold Again: Calls for Everyone's Favorite Standard Are Back,” Bloomberg, 5/17/16.)
  19. Fed Policies May Send Gold Prices 5 to 10 Times Higher – MarketWatch Cody Willard, author of MarketWatch’s Revolution Investing newsletter, told readers that dangerous Federal Reserve policies may cause gold prices to rise 5 times or more. “I've met hedge fund manager Stan Druckenmiller a couple times … He's made billions of dollars investing money for George Soros and his own clients in the hedge fund he ran for 20 years. I ran across his name over the weekend, as some of you might have, in must-read articles after his appearance at the annual Sohn Conference in New York. “Druckenmiller was wildly bullish on gold... He also was concerned about corporate debt and the Fed's endless easy-money policies. My own analysis and writings reflect much of what Druckenmiller is talking about… “I am writing up a new report about the short- and long-term outlook for gold, which is obviously related to all of the same topics that Druckenmiller is highlighting. Long-story short: … all signs do point toward a higher price for gold, both in the near term and my lifetime, during which I expect a five- to 10-fold increase in price. Negative interest rates, more of the Fed’s quantitative easing (QE) and a race to devalue every major currency in the world are quite bullish for gold. The timing of all those things are affecting the gold market right now… “Whether it's Trump, Clinton or anybody else in the White House, these trillions of dollars of economic movement and debt and financial engineering from governments and corporations and wars and starvation and natural disasters and the risk of our Internet/electrical/defense networks failing and so on ... the fundamentals can't be undone now….” (“I’m with Stan Druckenmiller — gold has every reason to rise,” MarketWatch, 5/9/16.)
  20. Thanks Socal. That trailer definitely peaked my interest. Unfortunately, I am expecting a crash in the near future. How soon? I guess we'll find out. Hope everyone is stocked up.
  21. Gold Is Real Money; Necessary to Preserve Wealth - Fulp Certified Professional Geologist and Kitco commentator Mickey Fulp reviewed the gold-silver ratio since the U.S. left the gold standard, concluding that every investor must include gold in their portfolios. “I have written a lot of words documenting the record of gold and silver prices and ratios over the nearly 45 years since the United States (and therefore, the world) abandoned the gold standard. But what are the longer-term ramifications of a monetary system without backing? “From that juncture, we were left with nothing but a basket of fiat currencies posing as surrogates for real money. History has proven time and time again that all governments, whether city-states, countries, or empires, eventually debase their currencies to worthlessness and the world economic system lapses into chaos. We nearly witnessed such a scenario in the late summer and fall of 2008 but somehow, the banksters saved the system until a future day. Their solution, however, spawned a current world economy saddled by unserviceable debt, serial insolvencies, negative interest rates, deflation, and debased currencies. “Many of us realize the present world economic paradigm is unsustainable and collapse is inevitable. Some pundits pontificate that this economic Armageddon is imminent. But folks, I am here to tell you that no one can predict when it will happen. Those that try seem mere analogues to fundamental religious zealots who set serial dates for the end of the world. As you can gather, it is difficult for me to put much stock in their perma-gloom-and-doom dogma. “That said, here’s what I know: gold is real money and owning it will preserve your wealth no matter what economic catastrophe is laid upon us. I’ve got my stash and trust that you do, too….” (“The 45-Year Record of Bullion Prices,” Kitco, 5/3/16.)
  22. I was there also in February in San Francisco when Breitling said this. He is a real no B.S. guy. Just wants to give you the truth and not hype or pump your false hopes. Had a chance to speak with him also for about 10 minutes after the event. Good guy.
  23. Gold & Silver : 4/15/16 Release Date: Friday, April 15, 2016 Gold and Silver Prices Gold prices fell on a stronger dollar but recovered some of its earlier losses to end the week relatively flat. “Gold prices pulled back to $1,208.50 while they consolidated. They have since rebounded to $1,263 but have stalled again… We remain bullish towards gold generally because we feel the financial markets are vulnerable and we see negative interest rates as a positive for gold. More to the point, we sense a significant shift in sentiment from institutional investors, who have been buying ETFs aggressively this year. “For now physical demand in Asia seems weak but lower prices may lead to a recovery in demand in Asia. If so, ETF buyers may have to compete with Asian buyers for physical gold.” Gold ended the week down $4.30, closing at $1,235.10. Silver prices closed at $16.33, up $0.87.
  24. Spot Gold Hits 4-week Low as Risk Appetite Returns Mar 23, 2016 Kitco News: Guest(s): Bill Baruch Risk appetite is back in the market and gold slides this Wednesday. Does the yellow metal still have a chance to move higher? Chief market strategist for iiTrader Bill Baruch says that despite Wednesday’s moves, gold is still up 15% on the year and still above its 50-day and 200-day moving averages. Gold prices ended the U.S. day session sharply lower, with spot gold hitting a close to four-week low Wednesday. The safe-haven metal was shunned as investor and trader risk appetite has picked up. April Comex gold settled the day down $24.60 at $1,224 an ounce. 'Gold is down sharply after not being able to get out above $1,261.9-$1,263.8 when it had every reason to do so yesterday morning,’ said Baruch. ‘The bears are now in control as gold is at the lowest level since before last Wednesday’s Fed meeting.’
  25. Gold Rallies On Safe-Haven Demand As ECB Rattles Marketplace Thursday March 10, 2016 13:24 (Kitco News) - Gold prices were solidly higher and poised to close at or near a 13-month high close in late U.S. trading Thursday. Safe-haven demand surfaced as U.S. stock indexes sold off and the U.S. dollar index dropped sharply in the wake of today’s announcement of the monetary policy easing measures from the European Central Bank. April Comex gold was last up $15.10 at $1,272.60 an ounce The highly anticipated regular meeting of the European Central Bank saw the ECB initiate fresh monetary stimulus by cutting its deposit rate by 10 basis points, cutting its refinancing rate by 5 basis points, and increasing the amount of its monthly bond-buying program (quantitative easing). Those moves were deemed to be on the aggressive side of market expectations. The Euro currency initially dropped sharply and to a new six-week low on the news, while the U.S. dollar index initially pushed to solidly higher levels and hit a new high for the week. However, once ECB President Mario Draghi started his press conference after the ECB meeting, he made remarks that were deemed as less-dovish and implied the ECB may not lower interest rates any further. Draghi’s remarks really spooked the market place and the Euro currency and U.S. dollar index swiftly reversed courses—with the Euro pushing sharply higher and the USDX dropping sharply lower. U.S. stock indexes also reversed early modest gains and were holding solid losses in early afternoon trading Thursday. Safe-haven gold benefitted from this extreme turbulence in the marketplace today. Many traders and investors now reckon that with the ECB Thursday essentially “going all-in” on its stimulative monetary measures, their quiver of arrows is now empty—which is very unsettling. There is also renewed talk in the marketplace of just how effective the monetary policies of the world’s major central banks can be going forward, after so many years of easing policies. Again, this notion plays right into the hands of the gold market bulls. The huge moves in the currency markets Thursday hint of a possible major shift in trader and investor psychology and may be another signal that the raw commodity sector has seen its bust cycle finally play out and that “hard” assets like gold will in the coming weeks and months continue to gain favor over paper assets like stocks and bonds. In overnight news, China’s consumer price inflation was a bit hotter than expected, which did put some downside pressure on China’s stock indexes, with the Shanghai index down around 2% on the day. The higher-than-expected inflation data makes it more difficult for China’s central bank to initiate monetary policy easing measures. New Zealand’s central bank cut its key interest rate by 0.25% Thursday, which was surprising to Asian market watchers. Technically, April gold futures prices closed nearer the session high and scored a bullish “outside day” up on the daily bar chart today. Prices are in a nearly three-month-old uptrend on the daily bar chart and bulls have the solid overall near-term technical advantage. Gold bulls’ next upside near-term price breakout objective is to produce a close above solid technical resistance at $1,300.00. Bears' next near-term downside price breakout objective is pushing prices below solid technical support at today’s low of 1,237.50. First resistance is seen at last week’s high of $1,280.70 and then at $1,290.00. First support is seen at $1,260.00 and then at $1,250.00. Kitco News 3/10/16.
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