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  1. Thanks Luigi1, I only come to this site for the rumors and I get tired of all the crap you catch. Have a great day and keep the rumor mill cranking. 1 of these day--IN SHALLA!
  2. There is more to the Kuwait story. Had you purchased a stack of Kuwaiti Dinar at the airport and brought it home you would have had little more than an interesting conversation piece. Those were the old Kuwaiti Dinar; worthless then and now. There was a very short exchange window, in country only, to exchange old dinar for the new dinar. I was in Kuwait for most of 1990 and 91--"civilian contractor". I knew people who profited from the exchange; the were mostly Kuwaiti and highly connected.
  3. I was in Kuwait after the first Gulf War in '90 and '91. Actually quite a lot was accomplished during Ramadan both years. All meetings and conferences were held after the fast, in the evening hours. It all boils down to intent and desire; if they want to accomplish some specific goal it is done after the fast is broken in the evening hours...DESIRE TO ACCOMPLISH RULES!!!
  4. O'Bummer has done more harm to our domestic oil industry than most people realize. I am an independent oil exploration consultant in Oklahoma and I have not had work for over a year. Not only that but the effects of cheap oil effects EVERYONE in oil country. My favorite little restaurant near the oil patch has shut down--a few years ago it was full of roughnecks and cowboys. Welders, heavy equipment operators, and a host of ancillary businesses are virtually shut down. Oil has to hit $60 a barrel before anything starts to pick up. Blow the hell out of ISIS and their ill gotten oil. And most importantly, get the lefties out of DC.
  5. I look forward to Luigi's posts.............cut him some slack! He posts with his tongue firmly planted in his cheek.
  6. Have great trip this summer. I am an independent consultant in the oil business; I negotiate oil and gas leases and settle surface damager claims with the landowners after a new well is drilled. Last year I was only able to bill for less than one month's work. There are not any new leases being sought by oil companies and certainly no new wells be drilled.
  7. I lurk in the shadows, I seldom post. However, I logged in so that I might add to this discussion. I was a civilian "contractor" in the Middle East for several years following the 1st Gulf War. Islam is Islam there is no middle ground. As Christians, we are taught that lying was not acceptable under any circumstances--10 Commandments. In Islam lying is permissible if it advances Islam. My only allies were either Coptic Christians or Jews.
  8. I enjoy rumors and take them for what they are...RUMORS!!! Keep it up Luigi.
  9. I remember that Saddam quotation--at the time I just thought it was a typical Arab dictator's conceit. Boy was he ever right!!!
  10. I am not a tree hugger. I have spent over 40 years in the oil patches of Oklahoma and Texas--boots on the ground, not in some high rise office in Houston. I have also witnessed first hand what happens to an oil field when it is bombed. After the first Gulf War, my team spent nearly two years cleaning up a lake of oil on the Kuwaiti desert that was over 20 miles long,1 mile wide in places and 20 feet deep; all total we pumped over 2 1/2 billion barrels of oil back into the producing formations. Yes, zzztop you are stupid because you don't accept enlightenment to lift you out of your ignorance. There are many viable options to cut off the flow of revenues from black market oil sales--many have been suggested in this thread.
  11. Bomb the oil fields? Are you serious? Or just stupid? Are you even thinking about the ecological disaster that would create? Do you remember Kuwait in the first Gulf War? I do I spent two years there cleaning up the mess the retreating Iraqi army made when they destroyed Kuwait's oil fields.
  12. Good luck...lots of us are on the verge of getting out.
  13. Dump the current tax code and replace it with a consumption tax...thereby everyone pays something..."skin in the game".
  14. He was NOT an Okie, he was an Oklahoman. All the Okies are in California.
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