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  1. Hannity doesn't profess to be fair and balanced he openly supports Trump. Right or wrong you have to give him credit for being transparent which is more than you can say for most journalists (news reporter) although he's not a journalist but a political commentator comparable to a newspaper editorialist.
  2. careful how you use the word shot you will have black choppers over your house.
  3. Thanks BJ, I've been in this for a number of years but never followed it that close so I'm not familiar with all these so called guru's. It's good to know this site is a credible barometer of what is going on.
  4. So THE BIG QUESTION: Iis there going to be an RV? Those at Sterling, according to FBI complaint, told Sterling staff that there would never be an RV and how stupid Dinar investor's were to believe there would be one. Also, what about all these other GURU's that are still touting inside high-level sources of an imminent RV? The FBI complaint raises more questions than it does provide answers unless you believe everything in the complaint. Just seems a little hard to swallow that so many people with proclaimed high-level sources pretty much saying the same things could either be wrong or are part of one huge conspiracy.
  5. Maybe a coincidence but there is a connection to the Oregon shooting to one of the other hero's , Alek Skarlatos: Tim Brown October 3, 2015 US Hero Who Stopped French Jihad Attack Has This Connection to Oregon Shooting 6 Comments Share138 Tweet27 Share195 19 Email4 Back in August, Alek Skarlatos, along with Spencer Stone, and Anthony Sadler took down Muslim jihadist Moroccan Sliman Hamzi as he opened fire on a train on its way from Belgium to France. However, there is a chilling detail that many were unaware of about Skarlatos. When he returned home, he left college, where he was studying to be a police officer, and became a contestant on "Dancing with the Stars image: ." The college he withdrew from was Umpqua Community College, the same college that saw a mass shooting this week that targeted Christians. The withdrawal may well have saved his life. Skarlatos appeared on "Ellen" and shared his story. "I had classes in Snyder Hall," he said as he sat beside professional dance partner Lindsay Arnold. "I mean, it's a fairly small Community College and just the town in general everybody knows each other so with that many deceased I mean everybody's going to know at least one person." "I would have been there today if I didn't agree to do this show," he said. "I had classes picked out and everything." Skarlatos has been enrolled at Umpqua Community College before he was deployed to Afghanistan in 2014. "While I was fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time in August aboard a train bound for Paris, I only wish that the same could be said for today," he said. "I wish that I could have been there today to assist." However, he offered high praise for those who sought to respond to the victims of the shooting. "I praise the first responders who were on the ground today in Roseburg as they undoubtedly were integral in saving numerous lives and putting a stop to what could have been more than tragic than it is. My heart and prayers go out to this community, my community, right now." It has to be pretty surreal to have been involved in taking down a jihadist in August and then shortly over a month later realizing that another attack took place in the very school you would be attending if you had not withdrawn. Following the shooting at Umpqua that left 10 dead, including the gunman, it was quite expected that the Obama administration would immediately be calling for more unconstitutional gun control. In either case, Mr. Skarlatos remains a hero, along with Stone and Sadler in saving many lives on the other side of the world. Read more at
  6. Has he? The legal Latino immigrants I know dislike the illegal's and are far more disparaging towards them. I would say he may have lost a sizable illegal Latino vote. IMO, legal immigrants come to assimilate into the american culture while most illegal alien's come for the handouts which is a much better life than they have in their respective country's. BTW, I'd do the same if I were in were in their situation.
  7. Some gave their all, Captain Freeman is one, and all gave some. I will never forget what they did for our fellow warrior's and honor their memories for the price they paid for our freedom and way of life. To those who served I salute you, THANK YOU!
  8. Regarding Brian Williams: His political position and liberal bias is so far out there that I often think he is being paid to espouse these views just to create viewers. How can anyone believe much less defend these liberal positions that defy logic and common sense? Yes, I question one's patriotism who's motive is obviously self enriching and/or a power grab. The Clinton's are at the top of the list closely followed by BO.
  9. Proof is in the pudding, I'll believe it when I get a call.
  10. Thank you Trinity for your balanced perspective. I have been invested for a couple of years but not involved with the Guru sites. Now that I am it's even more confusing. So who and what to believe becomes a challenge as to what is going on and how it may affect my investment. While I feel there is a lot to catch up on, and I will, your posts have helped to clear a couple of my questions. Thank You
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